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It’s high-time to end the Batman shenanigans.

First and foremost, I have nothing but love for the talented Sidda Lee Rain, as an author, a co-author, a friend, and my tag-team partner. Writing book #1, “Stranded at Third”–the first book in the Game Time Series–was challenging and rewarding. Now, we’re gradually kicking out book #2, “Kept on Ice.” However, that tag-team partnership in and out of the fictitious ring is where I am forced to draw the line.I do not want to involve the Gotham PD, so I’m hoping to settle this dispute in F.C. (Facebook Court) Should she persist on telling the loyal citizens of Facebook that she is, in fact, Batman, the Gotham PD WILL be paying a visit to the negative 80+ windchills of her soul…I mean home. OOPS. Basically, this whole mess could be considered identity theft, slander, or flat-out Minneeesota Steelin’. (What the hell would Hayden Fox think, Sidda?)


Top-10 Reasons Blue Stour is the REAL Batman, and Sidda Lee Rain is Robin

 10. it’s BatMAN, not BatWOMAN

9. Blue ALWAYS wears the ears.

8. By stereotype ALONE, Sidda is a woman, meaning Blue, a.k.a. Batman, ALWAYS drives.

7. Batman has a huge IQ (Need I say more?)

6. Batman modestly doesn’t want to be Batman 24/7. Likewise, Blue doesn’t want to be Blue 24/7. Conversely, Sidda longs to be Batman, ALWAYS. A little Robin-treatment has goneth to her head me thinketh.

5. Batman is able to separate emotion from life. (Name one woman who can do that?)

4. Batman likes to play with his toys . . . ok, ya got me on that one, Robin, eerrr Sidda.

3. Batman is warm on the inside and cold on the outside . . . Sidda’s opposite. SSSHHHHHHHH

2. Batman is quick-witted when it comes to expressions like, “Holy Bat Shit”

1. BatMAN, NOT BatWOMAN; enough said!

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Along w/THE Sidda Lee Rain, Blue is ½ of the erotic romance tag team champions of the WORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! :  http://www.amazon.com/Stranded-Third-GAME-TIME-SERIES-ebook/dp/B00I204UBK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1390940026&sr=8-2&keywords=blue+stour

AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Anne Maxtom 1/30/14

If you look up the word rape in the dictionary, you’ll find something like a forced sexual encounter. However, what you won’t find are the ramifications—sometimes lifelong–from such a disgusting act. Oftentimes, the victim is forced to live a life of unnecessary embarrassment, shame, and even guilt.

For Author Anne Maxtom, she was forced into that category. The Indiana native was raped at 28 by a date.  After living with shame and hurt for fourteen years, she’s finally realizing that it wasn’t her fault. Strangely enough, it’s her first erotic-romance novel, Fire and Ashes, that she has to thank.

“When I started writing Fire and Ashes I had planned it to be a ‘fun’ read,” Maxtom noted. “The more I wrote, the more my past began to take shape and a flood gate opened. I actually told a dear friend about the rape before it made it onto the pages of Fire and Ashes.”

Her debut novel is about a woman, Norah Sinclair, overcoming issues that Maxtom has hurdled. Like the author, also, the main character hides from her pain.

“Norah hides behind her carefully constructed brick wall of hatred and fear,” the Indianapolis Colts (and Peyton Manning) lover explained about the novel. “Finn Asher is a controlling, loveable ass who takes a sledge hammer to the bricks and mortar of Norah’s existence.”

The telling of her own unfortunate tale through Norah has lifted a weight off of Maxtom’s shoulders. More determined than ever, the animal lover with three cats and a dog is releasing Fire and Ashes to amazon.com, March 21, 2014. The original idea for her debut book came about a year earlier, but she didn’t start putting pen to paper for another four months.

Unsurprisingly, F&A isn’t her first work. No one will ever read that book, unfortunately. As a 14-year-old Hoosier, she had the completed novel stolen when her family’s car was heisted from a church parking lot. The car was later found submerged in water.


“I remember crying more over my lost work than the car,” the Maya Angelou fan added.  “I don’t think I have to say that the manuscript was lost, forever.”

Angelou’s expertise was brought up because Maxtom says the poet’s words have more-than inspired her.

“’Still I Rise’ a poem about overcoming the stigma of slavery and poverty but for me it has become my life poem,” Maxtom passionately pointed out. “I first read that poem at fourteen amidst a huge uncertainty and again after being raped fourteen years ago; it saved me!”


Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,

You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.


Maxtom is also working on a “complicated” love-triangle story, Cake, involving two women and a man. No matter how readers slice it, Maxtom plans to continue writing even after Cake is complete for at least two reasons. She’ll write as long as she has the opportunity to help others find their voice and share their story.

Don’t forget: Mark your calendars and look for Fire and Ashes, coming to amzon.com, March 21.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorannemaxtom                                                                                                                                           https://www.facebook.com/FireAndAshesByAnneMaxtom

Twitter:       @annemaxtom

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jessica O’ Gorek 1/29/14

If you’ve been following AuthorChat, you’ll know that I happen to find it incredibly interesting to learn just how people became authors. In the case of Jessica O’Gorek, she faced five-possible career avenues in her childhood. As Jessica grew, she wasn’t forced to make the choice; life’s simple process of elimination made the choice for her.

Actress—geographically, she was nowhere near Hollywood

Model—too vertically challenged

Singer—“really hard to get into and make a career”

Dancer—“really hard to get into and make a career”

Author—BINGO  *ding, ding, ding*

Heavily influenced by the encouragement and praise of her father, author Barry Weinstock, O’Gorek completed her first novel at the age of thirteen, six years after she started writing poetry. She looks back today  and says how horrible it was, in her eyes. But, it was still a start. Her father, meanwhile, just raved and raved about his daughter’s work; writing in the next generation of the family had begun.

Today the divorced mother of a 14-year-old daughter has worked on adult fiction, erotica, and sci fi. In fact, her first series, Gemini Rising, was an adult paranormal romance . . . in the beginning. Because her daughter constantly wanted to read it so badly after a trio of books in the series were written, Jessica had to cut “tons of adult content.” Therefore, Gemini Rising is now categorized as Young Adult. Unsurprisingly, her daughter has been her biggest inspiration to keep writing.

Jess O Ethereal Rising

“Seeing my daughter continue to practice and write her own novels in hopes of following in my footsteps and carrying on our tradition,” O’Gorek pointed out about her biggest satisfaction from writing.  “Knowing that I have created an outlet for her and have shown her how fun writing can be is better than any verbal compliment.”

After interviewing O’Gorek, Young Adult seems to sound as if that’s the genre she will wind up comfortably writing. Going by her information and writing favorite, Stephanie Meyer, the genre seems to be a cinch. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Meyer wrote O’Gorek’s fictional husband, Edward Cullen.

In addition to Meyer being an amazing storyteller, Jessica says that the now-famous author of the Twilight series has “paved the way for the YA genre.” If Meyer, in fact, has paved the YA roads, O’Gorek hopes to spray paint the lane lines. Her goal in writing, now, is simply to launch more serious concepts in the Young Adult Genre.

Thus far, just one book has been published in her Gemini Rising Series, Ethereal Fury. However, she is currently writing the fourth book. So, expect more from this author, soon.

O’Gorek is offering the first seven chapters in book one, Ethereal Fury,(pictured above) free on Wattpad:


Other pages include,

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Gemini-Rising-Ethereal-Jessica- OGorek/dp/0925776254

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17738490-ethereal-fury

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeminiRising1

Blog: http://geminirising1.blogspot.com

Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessica-OGorek/306913389429972

We’ll be looking for those other books in the Gemini Rising series from Jessica. Also, don’t rule out seeing some red-hot erotica, another passion.

Not too shabby for the author who was once the little girl on recess chastising her classmates for killing a bug.

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Along w/THE Sidda Lee Rain, Blue is ½ of the erotic romance tag team champions of the WORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! :  http://www.amazon.com/Stranded-Third-GAME-TIME-SERIES-ebook/dp/B00I204UBK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1390940026&sr=8-2&keywords=blue+stour

AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Copper Sloane 1/28/14

Welcome to AuthorChat with Blue. Today’s guest is Toronto-native, Copper Sloane.

“…the only way the world will be a better place is if we stop allowing bad people to secretly do bad things.”                   — Copper Sloane

What do you–yeah you, reading this—consider the best thing about books? Probably, it’s the fact that reading can take you a world away.  Momentarily,at least,  you have the luxury of  enjoying an out-of-this-world experience.

As an eight-year old, Copper Sloane had visions of being the next astronaut to walk on the moon. Once he began learning what he called the politics of the business, he quickly altered his dreams. Today, he’s an astronaut of-a-different-sort; his words that are taking him a world away.

“After giving up on ever making it to space, I decided I wanted to be a comic book artist,” the University of Toronto English Literature major said. “At fifteen, I was reading a particular novel and decided from reading the very first page that an author is what I wanted to ultimately become.”


After experimenting in some horror and science fiction, Sloane settled on a mixture of genres. Today, he’s mixing horror, sci fi, and literary fiction to create his own brand.

(C’mon! You had to know he’d have some sci-fi in him with his childhood dreams of walking on the moon.)

Currently, I Am Inevitable is available on Amazon. Listed a penny less than a single George Washington, the 17-year soccer player is also working on the follow-up. The next book in the series is slated for a late-February or early-March release.

Interestingly, the Stephen King admirer said he writes 4-6 hours during the day. However, he spends the rest of the day researching. As usual, his writing and research aren’t geared for reviews, he stressed. Instead, he wants readers to think about his themes.

In his theme-based writing, Sloane tackles controversial issues we deal with in society or see on the news, daily. His goal is for readers to look at the main character’s struggles. Violence, politics, and corruption are all problematic factors that Sloane wants to bring to surface. As for reviews, he realistically hopes readers look at his work “objectively.”

“I think it’s unfortunate that reader ratings can determine the course of a self-published author’s career,” the wide-ranging music listener, who was once compared to J.M. Coetzee–a Nobel Laureate–admitted. “Common reader reviews tend to be very opinionated, and aren’t usually written objectively. Too many readers write ‘This book is terrible’ without ever considering that their own personal preference may not jive with the preferences of another reader. I think readers who write reviews should be careful, and consider that if they try to pass their very strong opinion as fact, they might cause a reader who may well have enjoyed anyone’s book to give it a pass. Reviews should be handled with care. If you don’t like something, give the author very valid reasons why.”

As for a writing career, the author who likes “to paint vivid pictures with words,” wants only one thing. He wants to make the world a better place through his words.

There are several ways to contact Sloane through social media:

Facebook: Copper Sloane

Twitter: @coppersloane

Book series email: www.IAmInevitable.com

Tumbler: cu29.tumblr.com


Blue Stour

Blue is 1/2 of the erotica romance tag team champions of the worrrrrlllllllllllllddddddddddddddddddd!!! w/THE Sidda Lee Rain. Their first book, “Stranded at Third,” was released yesterday, http://www.amazon.com/Stranded-Third-GAME-TIME-SERIES-ebook/dp/B00I204UBK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1390925380&sr=8-3&keywords=tranded+at+third

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AuthorChat . . . Another idea for AuthorChat…please comment????

What do you get when you can’t fall asleep, then wake up early, then nervously shower, and can’t stop thinking of only one thing?
Obviously, it’s book release day.
“Stranded at Third,” the first release in the Game Time Series–where sports and sex collide–was released early this morning. With the weather outside so nasty, what better time than NOW to pick up a book for uuummm $2.99 on amazon.com?

Heck, Blue’s always there for his friends, so I’ll even help you a little more; here’s a suggestion:

I’ll have another author interview on AuthorChat tomorrow. BUT, this gave me an idea. Would you like to read about books that are appearing, on their Debut Morning????


AuthorChat *CORRECTED COPY* Guest Interviewer with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain

(This episode of AuthorChat will be hosted by a different host because the normal host, Blue Stour, is actually being interviewed with his tag team partner in writing, Sidda Lee Rain.)

Well-known News Anchorman, Rob Bergentry (RB):

“HI, I’m Rob Bergentry. Some of you know me from my popular TV Series. Others know me from a certain movie. Still others know by my famous sign off. Today, I’ve been selected from 161 other television journalists across the nation to interview Blue Stour (BS) and Sidda Lee Rain, (SLR) the most feared tag-team in the erotic-romance writing scene. I’m going to use my vast journalistic knowledge to get to the soul and heart of their first book in the Game Time Series, “Stranded at Third.”


RB:  Blue, speaking of writing, let’s get right to the soul and heart of your writing process. Do you like to eat at the “Y”?

BS: (lol) What?

RB: You know!  E-A-T  at  t-h-e  Y?

BS: (haha) Rob. That has nothing to do with writing.

RB:  OK! OK! OK! GOTCHA; JEEZE! I understand you’re a little shy. Can I do this MY way? We’ll come back to you. Sidda Lee, do you like to ride?

SLR: (lol) Seriously? I’m not answering th . . .

RB:  FIIINNNEEEEE!!! GEESH! There’s nothing for y’all to be embarrassed about. This is just research for your readers. I’m NOT . . . going to shortchange them. Let’s start off with some gimmes . . . some layups . . . some one-foot putts. Sidda, I was amazed by reviewing your comments. For example, Steel Horse Cowboy received 13 reviews and 13 five stars. Readers say your books are red hot. What do you want readers to take from your books?

SLR: Enjoyment, a break from reality and for the love of God some freakin’ heat. Life’s too serious to live it wound like a frickin’ top.

RB: I see, Sidda Lee. You have four books available, Sweet as Candy, Pure as Snow, Steel Horse Cowboy, and Quick on the Trigger. Blue, you have just one, Before you leap, LOOK. All books are available on amazon.com, but that’s 4-1, Blue. She’s kicking your ass, MAN! Does that mean you don’t care?

BS: (lol) No, sir. I’ve only written one book in the erotic-romance genre. I love the people, and I’m learning a lot about. I plan to write . . .

RB: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You’re boring me. Is Blue your real name? I mean I’ve been called Blue, but it was always followed by Balls. Is that where it came from for you?

BS: No. (lol) It’s just a nickname I’ve always went by, man.

RB: Fine! Don’t tell me . . . Blue Balls. Sidda, what’s been the most difficult part of writing with a partner?

SLR: Exactly that–Not the Blue Balls part–I’m used to doing everything on my own. Which means I also have ALL the control, I like that. Not to mention BUT I WILL. Lack of communitcation is a pain as well as my partner. Two completely different writing styles are a bitch to meld but we managed, just barely.

RB: Blue, I’ll ask you the same thing.

BS: Distance. We’ve talked on the phone occasionally, but for the most part we do everything through email; it’s extremely difficult and frustrating.

RB: Sidda, when you’re writing a book, . . . What’s your favorite position . . . sexually?

SLR: (lol) . . .

RB: I kid; I kid. MAN! I tried to sneak that question by ya. You two are so uptight. After the interview, maybe we could T-A-L-K, Sidda.

BS: (hahaha) OK, Rob. Do you have any writing questions?

RB: Well, DUH! That’s why I’m here, MAN! Sidda, who’s your favorite character in “Stranded”? Why?

SLR: I’m a girl so yeah, I’d say Michelle. I like a woman who doesn’t play the victim but handles her own no matter what life gives her. Women will relate well with Michelle.

RB: Your favorite, Blue?

BS: I’d have to say Julio. He’s that guy we all know from h.s. or college, speaks very broken English and is just a nut, always TRYING to be funny.

RB: The main character of “Stranded,” Kade Toney, sounds like a Ken Griffey, Jr. type of baseball player. Is that accurate?

BS: Absolutely, Rob. From the time he’s playing minor-league baseball in Flint, Michigan, he’s a phenom.

RB: Sidda, as a former sportswriter, obviously Blue wrote the sports. Do you know about sports?

SLR: Here we go. My readers know I’m a football girl. Cold months were football season and nothing else existed on game days. I’m still that way. purple runs through these veins, Vikings girl for life-despite my Peyton Manning crush. Summer was baseball with Grampa. Hours and hours spent watching games and going through my cards. Yes, I had/have books/boxes full of ball cards. I remember the day Grampa took me to buy my Louisville Slugger and my Wade Boggs glove, I was hooked and Grampa and I bonded over ball for years to come.

RB: Blue, if you just wrote sports, do you know anything about the hot-sex scenes that the gifted erotic-romance extraordinaire writes?

BS: Well, Rob, do you . . .

RB: AH! AH! AH! I’ll ask the questions here, son! OK? I’M the interviewer; you’re the interviewee, MAN! Do we understand that? Now, Blue, are you a virgin? I’m not going to laugh at you; READERS NEED TO KNOW, MAN!

BS: (lol) No, Rob. Not at all.

RB: DAMMIT BLUE! It’s ok, man. They even made a movie about a virgin in his 40’s; it’s more common than you might think. Let’s just move on; again, I do NOT want to embarrass the two of you. . . .

RB: Sidda, in my extensive research for this interview, I discovered that you have started on the second book in the Game Time Series. What’s it about? Main Characters? Happy ending? Is Blue a Virgin?

SLR: (lol)

RB: FINE! OK! If you two were Batman & Robin, who would you be, Sidda?

SLR: I WOULD SOOO be Batman! Blue is definitely more Robin material. This girl was born to wear the black mask and plus I ALWAYS drive. I’m confident in Blue’s sidekick ability and I’m sure he’d be a doll in green tights.

RB: Would you be okay being Robin, Virgin…I mean, Blue?

BS: (hahaha) No, man. I want to be Batman. Sidda’s got jokes; NOT funny, but attempted jokes. Everyone knows, I’m BATMAN! p.s. Rob, she wouldn’t drive!

BS & SLR: lmao

RB: How excited are you two for the release tomorrow?

SLR: Very. This has been a project of patience and sometimes a lack of but we did it. I think with the second book the series will only get better. More romance and more alpha men in a sport that screams masculine.  What’s not to love?

BS: I’m pretty stoked about this, too. I’ve learned a lot about dialogue from Sidda. This genre has so much more dialogue than I’m used to writing. Sidda’s been gentle with me; thank God, Rob. I’m so ready to be over “Stranded,” though. It’s an amazing story but I’m ready to move on to #2.

RB: That’s all the time we have. The book, “Stranded at Third,” will be available tomorrow in eBook for $2.99 and in paperback on amazon.com. Check it out; tell ‘em Rob sent ya. And, stay classy, all your asses.

SLR: Thank you, Rob.

BS: Thanks, Rob.

Blue and Sidda can be LIKEd on their own Facebook writing page, http://www.facebook.com/BlueStourandS

Blue and Sidda can be LIKEd on their own Facebook writing page, http://www.facebook.com/BlueStourandSiddaLeeRain .

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Danielle Taylor

Growing up, Danielle Taylor wanted to travel to many places. Mostly, the self-labeled shy-one wanted to be out and be free.

Three countries later, she’s experienced a lot of culture. Heck, she even spent a a month in Ibiza–which is located in Spain’s Balearic Islands for the non-Jeopordy readers. Now, only one thing can be said about her childhood goal.


Having lived in various spots on the continent, Taylor is currently expecting her third child with her very outgoing, South African husband. Online, though, she’s as interactive as M is. In fact, in front of a screen she’s not forced into conversation. That’s something her husband, “the night to my day,” has no trouble doing.

“Where I’m mostly conservative, he’s outspoken and will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, while I hide in the corner,” Taylor said. “Online, no one can see me hyperventilating or doing a weird silent seal clapping laugh.”

Going by her outgoing writing style, the rugby fan is exaggerating a bit. Obviously, the British lass has no trouble expressing herself in books. Falling for You came out today and Captive at Christmas was released last month.  Also, she’s in the final editing stage of a novel, Letting Go. The book will be the first in her Adventures, Inc. Series. Taylor is extremely excited about that novel because it combines her passions: South Africans, travel, and romance.

Furthermore, the writer of romance in all genres plans to author a Young Adult work. Watch for the work under her alter ego, Ellie Carstens.

But wait; there’s more. Apparently, the expectant mother has been writing every chance she has had since she first picked up a pen. Unfortunately, lately, those times have been spread thin.

It was recently discussed on AuthorChat how many different reasons there are, in fact, for a writer to become an author. Taylor simply says that it was a natural process for her.

“I picked up a pen and paper one day,” the oft-traveled writer said about her writing journey which she hopes will never end, “and the rest is history.”

When asked how she wanted to be remembered as an author, Taylor responded with “No idea.” However, the well-traveled writer went on to add some perfect information readers need to hear.

AC danielle taylor

“ I suppose I’d like to think they open their minds to what is out there in the rest of the world. It’s all well and good to sit back in your own country and be patriotic and all. It’s so exciting to be learning about new places and people, though. I want them to think, ‘Huh? I didn’t know that about Mongolia,’ or ‘That’s pretty cool about Norway,’ or ‘South Africa is beautiful.’ Not just places but people, too. That man who walked past you this morning, well, his daughter might be lying in a hospital bed with leukemia and you scowled at him because he accidentally stepped on your foot. Or, that woman who brushed past you on the subway–the one you flipped off–might be rushing to get to her second job which she needs to keep her house and two kids since her husband left.”

In addition to passionately expressing that she would never tire of being a writer, Taylor reiterated that she would always write, ”even if I get nowhere with it; I love it.”

She also offered some heartfelt advice for struggling authors about her “release.”

“Keep at it. Read and write and read and write. Find your style. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you might find that’s your thing.”

Danielle can usually be reached on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dtaylor.author?fref=ts&ref=br_tf.

and Twitter, @DTaylor_Author .


Blue Stour

Along with THE Sidda Lee Rain, B.S.  makes up 1/2 of the erotic romance Tag-Team Champions of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLDDD!!! Their Game Time Series is where Sex & Sports collide.   LIKE on Facebook:



AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Kathleen Brooks

People become authors for several reasons. Some become professional writers because of an impression made by another author, an interest in reading, a tremendous story-telling ability, or just a passion for writing. Still others, from boredom?


Don’t you just hate it when that four-letter word, W-O-R-K, interferes with your daydream?

After graduating from the University of Kentucky’s School of Law, the NY Times & USA Today best-selling author became a lawyer and boredom ensued. The married mother of one daughter, . . . three dogs and a cat . . . was soon-after bitten by the writing bug.

“I was a lawyer; I wrote a lot of boring things,” the Southerner said when asked why she became a writer.  “I had always loved to create stories in my head, but legal briefs interrupted any time I thought about putting them on paper. Then I had this one really great story that just wouldn’t leave my head, but I erased it after one-third was completely on paper because it sounded like a legal brief.  I finally cleared my mind and just told my story. Once I turned it on, I couldn’t turn off the voices. I can’t imagine doing anything else now but writing.”

Just as she claimed her story-telling ideas leisurely took her from the real world, her mostly romantic and suspenseful writings, mixed with comedy, are doing the same for readers.

“I receive so many nice notes from my readers who are in pain or sick.” Brooks said. “They all claim the books give them a nice break.”

Bluegrass Series                                                Bluegrass Brothers Series

Bluegrass State of Mind                         Bluegrass Undercover
Risky Shot                                                   Rising Storm
Dead Heat                                                   Acquiring Trouble

Relentless Pursuit

Secrets Collide

Final Vow

The woman whose grandfather used to think she’d be the first female president says there’s nothing like being a writer. Many authors go through phases of, “This sucks; I’m getting a different ‘job!’” with their author role.

Not Brooks.

“Writing in my pajamas instead of writing legal arguments in an office is a dream job,” Brooks added with an obvious smile. “To steal from Happy Gilmore, you have to find your ‘happy place.’”

Brooks also mentioned her best way to get out of a writers-blocked scene. Instead of thinking on it all day, the author whose favorite author is Jane Austen because Austen’s books “paved the way for modern romance,” talks it out. . . . to anyone or anything.

“Even my dog will listen,” she added. “The point is to talk it out. Explain it. Don’t be afraid of the delete button, either!”

Brooks welcomes contact from readers. She can be reached several ways.

Website:  http://www.kathleen-brooks.com

Email:  Kathleen@Kathleen-Brooks.com

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/KathleenBrooksAuthor

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Wendy Sexton 1/21/14

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Apples are overrated, according to erotica writer Wendy Sexton. She says it’s not an apple each day that keeps the doctor away. Instead . . .

Sexton grew up in California–Boys in the Hood, California, that is; that’s Compton for the movie challenged. Long associated with basketball, if any sport, Sexton’s childhood saw other athletic dreams not writing aspirations.

“I wanted to be the first woman to play baseball,” she boldly pointed out. “I even went to pitching school for fast pitch softball; it was the sh*t.”

Thrown into motherhood at just fourteen, though, Wendy was forced to give up her dream of pitching for the Dodgers. A few years later—talk about fate–the long-time Left Coast resident met her future husband, Kevin, at jury duty, of all places. Then, with two bouncing boys, Brandon and Bradley, they moved to Arizona.

If the chance-meeting of her husband was odd, that’s nothing compared to how she became a writer. It proves that writing breaks can come anywhere.

“I was on a flight to Boston for work. The guy sitting next to me was a literary agent, and he told me to write ‘your story,’” Wendy reflected. “It got too emotional, and brought back some pain and anguish. I put it on hold and started writing my fiction. I love writing.”

Writing “her fiction” at least eight hours each day is showing and growing. Two-of-three books in her Quest Series are available. Raven’s Quest and Skyclad’s Quest can be found on Amazon.com. The trilogy’s final installment, Luna’s Quest, will be released in February, 2014.  Finally, Sexton added that she has “about 5 more books” in the works.

Even though she continuously writes with passion, writing is a grueling journey, she admits. People fail to understand just how draining of a process it is. Like most authors, there are times when Wendy is ready to just say, Bag it ALL!!!

“Everyday…… Everyday,” Sexton expressed how often she becomes frustrated. “Then there is that moment that the hair stands up on the back of my neck when I get the great idea. Then, I can’t stop thinking about the story. That is what keeps me going and to prove to myself that I can do this.”

Her passion for and pursuit of perfect erotica can be expressed best by how she wants to be remembered as a writer, both now and later.

“You made me j*ck off in the shower; your book was so f*cking hot,” Wendy proudly remembered what-she-calls her best compliment, ever. “I don’t want this to be over; I want to be writing dirty books until I die. Sex is amazing. I have to have an orgasm daily just to keep my heart beating.”

. . .  the earlier oft-used reference to an apple is completely wrong; it isn’t an apple a day. As she expresses, An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

Wendy can be reached at any of the following:

Blog         http://wlsextonauthor.blogspot.com

FaceB:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/WLSexton-Author/127992340712380?ref=hl

Twitter:  @Wendy_Sexton

Email:     wlsextonauthor@gmail.com


Blue Stour

Along with THE Sidda Lee Rain, B.S.  makes up 1/2 of the erotic romance Tag-Team Champions of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLDDD!!! Their Game Time Series is where Sex & Sports collide.

AuthorChat with Blue and Mel Favreaux 1/19/14

HI! I’m Blue Stour. (pronounced Store) Mel Favreaux was kind enough to vist today. Without further adieu, here’s Mel:


Unlike a lot of authors, North Carolina-based writer Mel Favreaux isn’t looking to be the next Nora Roberts, yet. In fact, her goals are quite modest and admirable. In a recent interview, she told me how she wants to be viewed after her writing days are done.

“(I want to feel) that something I wrote made someone feel,” the navy-brat whose father was a navy retiree said. “To be able to evoke emotions from the written word is a very potent feeling. I’m still one of those authors that finds it hard to believe that someone wants to buy my books.”

At first, the multi-genre writer didn’t set out to become a computer-keyboard wizard. She hoped to use her love for animals to become a veterinarian, initially. Two years after she moved to Florida as an eleven-year old, however, the barely-a teenager penned her first novel, and the writing itch stuck.

After stepping away from her author platform for a few years, Favreaux has returned, full-steam ahead. Her contemporary fiction release, Valor of a Woman, is available at many eBook outlets. Walker’s Run, is also available; the paranormal romance is the first book in a series. The second book, Shadow Walker, will be available “very soon,” and the third installment, Dream Walker, is slated for release in “probably the next two months.” As of right now, there is no end in sight for the series.

With what appears to be books just popping onto the screen, one would think that the Virginia native would be writing 24/7. However, that’s far from true. With two younger children, nine and seven, occupying a lot of her time, she said she writes as often as she possible, but “it all depends on whether the creativity is flowing.”

Creativity is something that Mel ignored for years since beginning that first novel at age 13. Like many other authors, though, she became frustrated. Not knowing she was switching her career direction in life, she just felt that it was “pointless,” and she “wasn’t good enough.”

So, what did she do?


“Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge,” she lamented.

Today, Mel has returned to the writing scene. Not only has Favreaux learned, but she is doing what she says anyone else who aspires to be a writer needs to do; she’s taking that plunge.

Favreaux, who “loves email,” can be reached at mel.favreaux@gmail.com. Also, she’s very accessible on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mel-Favreaux-Author/160256148015)

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MelFavreaux

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Blue Stour

Along with THE Sidda Lee Rain, B.S.  makes up 1/2 of the erotic romance Tag-Team Champions of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLDDD!!! Their Game Time Series is where Sex & Sports collide.