AuthorChat with Blue and Mel Favreaux 1/19/14

HI! I’m Blue Stour. (pronounced Store) Mel Favreaux was kind enough to vist today. Without further adieu, here’s Mel:


Unlike a lot of authors, North Carolina-based writer Mel Favreaux isn’t looking to be the next Nora Roberts, yet. In fact, her goals are quite modest and admirable. In a recent interview, she told me how she wants to be viewed after her writing days are done.

“(I want to feel) that something I wrote made someone feel,” the navy-brat whose father was a navy retiree said. “To be able to evoke emotions from the written word is a very potent feeling. I’m still one of those authors that finds it hard to believe that someone wants to buy my books.”

At first, the multi-genre writer didn’t set out to become a computer-keyboard wizard. She hoped to use her love for animals to become a veterinarian, initially. Two years after she moved to Florida as an eleven-year old, however, the barely-a teenager penned her first novel, and the writing itch stuck.

After stepping away from her author platform for a few years, Favreaux has returned, full-steam ahead. Her contemporary fiction release, Valor of a Woman, is available at many eBook outlets. Walker’s Run, is also available; the paranormal romance is the first book in a series. The second book, Shadow Walker, will be available “very soon,” and the third installment, Dream Walker, is slated for release in “probably the next two months.” As of right now, there is no end in sight for the series.

With what appears to be books just popping onto the screen, one would think that the Virginia native would be writing 24/7. However, that’s far from true. With two younger children, nine and seven, occupying a lot of her time, she said she writes as often as she possible, but “it all depends on whether the creativity is flowing.”

Creativity is something that Mel ignored for years since beginning that first novel at age 13. Like many other authors, though, she became frustrated. Not knowing she was switching her career direction in life, she just felt that it was “pointless,” and she “wasn’t good enough.”

So, what did she do?


“Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge,” she lamented.

Today, Mel has returned to the writing scene. Not only has Favreaux learned, but she is doing what she says anyone else who aspires to be a writer needs to do; she’s taking that plunge.

Favreaux, who “loves email,” can be reached at Also, she’s very accessible on Facebook and Twitter.



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Blue Stour

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One thought on “AuthorChat with Blue and Mel Favreaux 1/19/14

  1. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read any of Mel’s books but after reading some of her teasers on facebook I’ll be looking them up. Congrats on your second book of Walkers Run coming out.

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