AuthorChat *CORRECTED COPY* Guest Interviewer with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain

(This episode of AuthorChat will be hosted by a different host because the normal host, Blue Stour, is actually being interviewed with his tag team partner in writing, Sidda Lee Rain.)

Well-known News Anchorman, Rob Bergentry (RB):

“HI, I’m Rob Bergentry. Some of you know me from my popular TV Series. Others know me from a certain movie. Still others know by my famous sign off. Today, I’ve been selected from 161 other television journalists across the nation to interview Blue Stour (BS) and Sidda Lee Rain, (SLR) the most feared tag-team in the erotic-romance writing scene. I’m going to use my vast journalistic knowledge to get to the soul and heart of their first book in the Game Time Series, “Stranded at Third.”


RB:  Blue, speaking of writing, let’s get right to the soul and heart of your writing process. Do you like to eat at the “Y”?

BS: (lol) What?

RB: You know!  E-A-T  at  t-h-e  Y?

BS: (haha) Rob. That has nothing to do with writing.

RB:  OK! OK! OK! GOTCHA; JEEZE! I understand you’re a little shy. Can I do this MY way? We’ll come back to you. Sidda Lee, do you like to ride?

SLR: (lol) Seriously? I’m not answering th . . .

RB:  FIIINNNEEEEE!!! GEESH! There’s nothing for y’all to be embarrassed about. This is just research for your readers. I’m NOT . . . going to shortchange them. Let’s start off with some gimmes . . . some layups . . . some one-foot putts. Sidda, I was amazed by reviewing your comments. For example, Steel Horse Cowboy received 13 reviews and 13 five stars. Readers say your books are red hot. What do you want readers to take from your books?

SLR: Enjoyment, a break from reality and for the love of God some freakin’ heat. Life’s too serious to live it wound like a frickin’ top.

RB: I see, Sidda Lee. You have four books available, Sweet as Candy, Pure as Snow, Steel Horse Cowboy, and Quick on the Trigger. Blue, you have just one, Before you leap, LOOK. All books are available on, but that’s 4-1, Blue. She’s kicking your ass, MAN! Does that mean you don’t care?

BS: (lol) No, sir. I’ve only written one book in the erotic-romance genre. I love the people, and I’m learning a lot about. I plan to write . . .

RB: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You’re boring me. Is Blue your real name? I mean I’ve been called Blue, but it was always followed by Balls. Is that where it came from for you?

BS: No. (lol) It’s just a nickname I’ve always went by, man.

RB: Fine! Don’t tell me . . . Blue Balls. Sidda, what’s been the most difficult part of writing with a partner?

SLR: Exactly that–Not the Blue Balls part–I’m used to doing everything on my own. Which means I also have ALL the control, I like that. Not to mention BUT I WILL. Lack of communitcation is a pain as well as my partner. Two completely different writing styles are a bitch to meld but we managed, just barely.

RB: Blue, I’ll ask you the same thing.

BS: Distance. We’ve talked on the phone occasionally, but for the most part we do everything through email; it’s extremely difficult and frustrating.

RB: Sidda, when you’re writing a book, . . . What’s your favorite position . . . sexually?

SLR: (lol) . . .

RB: I kid; I kid. MAN! I tried to sneak that question by ya. You two are so uptight. After the interview, maybe we could T-A-L-K, Sidda.

BS: (hahaha) OK, Rob. Do you have any writing questions?

RB: Well, DUH! That’s why I’m here, MAN! Sidda, who’s your favorite character in “Stranded”? Why?

SLR: I’m a girl so yeah, I’d say Michelle. I like a woman who doesn’t play the victim but handles her own no matter what life gives her. Women will relate well with Michelle.

RB: Your favorite, Blue?

BS: I’d have to say Julio. He’s that guy we all know from h.s. or college, speaks very broken English and is just a nut, always TRYING to be funny.

RB: The main character of “Stranded,” Kade Toney, sounds like a Ken Griffey, Jr. type of baseball player. Is that accurate?

BS: Absolutely, Rob. From the time he’s playing minor-league baseball in Flint, Michigan, he’s a phenom.

RB: Sidda, as a former sportswriter, obviously Blue wrote the sports. Do you know about sports?

SLR: Here we go. My readers know I’m a football girl. Cold months were football season and nothing else existed on game days. I’m still that way. purple runs through these veins, Vikings girl for life-despite my Peyton Manning crush. Summer was baseball with Grampa. Hours and hours spent watching games and going through my cards. Yes, I had/have books/boxes full of ball cards. I remember the day Grampa took me to buy my Louisville Slugger and my Wade Boggs glove, I was hooked and Grampa and I bonded over ball for years to come.

RB: Blue, if you just wrote sports, do you know anything about the hot-sex scenes that the gifted erotic-romance extraordinaire writes?

BS: Well, Rob, do you . . .

RB: AH! AH! AH! I’ll ask the questions here, son! OK? I’M the interviewer; you’re the interviewee, MAN! Do we understand that? Now, Blue, are you a virgin? I’m not going to laugh at you; READERS NEED TO KNOW, MAN!

BS: (lol) No, Rob. Not at all.

RB: DAMMIT BLUE! It’s ok, man. They even made a movie about a virgin in his 40’s; it’s more common than you might think. Let’s just move on; again, I do NOT want to embarrass the two of you. . . .

RB: Sidda, in my extensive research for this interview, I discovered that you have started on the second book in the Game Time Series. What’s it about? Main Characters? Happy ending? Is Blue a Virgin?

SLR: (lol)

RB: FINE! OK! If you two were Batman & Robin, who would you be, Sidda?

SLR: I WOULD SOOO be Batman! Blue is definitely more Robin material. This girl was born to wear the black mask and plus I ALWAYS drive. I’m confident in Blue’s sidekick ability and I’m sure he’d be a doll in green tights.

RB: Would you be okay being Robin, Virgin…I mean, Blue?

BS: (hahaha) No, man. I want to be Batman. Sidda’s got jokes; NOT funny, but attempted jokes. Everyone knows, I’m BATMAN! p.s. Rob, she wouldn’t drive!

BS & SLR: lmao

RB: How excited are you two for the release tomorrow?

SLR: Very. This has been a project of patience and sometimes a lack of but we did it. I think with the second book the series will only get better. More romance and more alpha men in a sport that screams masculine.  What’s not to love?

BS: I’m pretty stoked about this, too. I’ve learned a lot about dialogue from Sidda. This genre has so much more dialogue than I’m used to writing. Sidda’s been gentle with me; thank God, Rob. I’m so ready to be over “Stranded,” though. It’s an amazing story but I’m ready to move on to #2.

RB: That’s all the time we have. The book, “Stranded at Third,” will be available tomorrow in eBook for $2.99 and in paperback on Check it out; tell ‘em Rob sent ya. And, stay classy, all your asses.

SLR: Thank you, Rob.

BS: Thanks, Rob.

Blue and Sidda can be LIKEd on their own Facebook writing page,

Blue and Sidda can be LIKEd on their own Facebook writing page, .

*If you’re an author and want to schedule a 19-question blog interview on AuthorChat, email Blue, *

8 thoughts on “AuthorChat *CORRECTED COPY* Guest Interviewer with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain

  1. One thing. Why all the fighting over Batman? LOL. Personally, Catwoman is where it’s at. She works solo, has her own kickass car, wears leather and heels. Catwoman rocked. And she occasionally teamed up with other heros, when it was necessary.

  2. Oh, I’m not saying she should be Catwoman. She can be whomever SHE wants. I’m just saying Catwoman for me personally was the shit. You too will have to do rock, paper, scissors for the bat ears I guess.

  3. There’s NOO rock, paper anything with Blue. Some of US were meant to wear the black & the ears<~~BAT NOT CAT.
    LOVE Catwomans dominatrix wardrobe and some of her tactics. Yet, in the end she's a glorified villain-there's a part of me (even though tiny) that WANTS to be good.
    "I AM BATMAN."
    I'm driving, hop in Blue you ride b*tch.

  4. OMG you two are out of this world and I love it. You ROCKED this book out but I knew you would as I love both and all of your books. Good luck and finding out who’s who at Batman!!! ( Sidda us women already know who rocks that roll you girl) LOL Loves y’all

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