AuthorChat . . . Another idea for AuthorChat…please comment????

What do you get when you can’t fall asleep, then wake up early, then nervously shower, and can’t stop thinking of only one thing?
Obviously, it’s book release day.
“Stranded at Third,” the first release in the Game Time Series–where sports and sex collide–was released early this morning. With the weather outside so nasty, what better time than NOW to pick up a book for uuummm $2.99 on

Heck, Blue’s always there for his friends, so I’ll even help you a little more; here’s a suggestion:

I’ll have another author interview on AuthorChat tomorrow. BUT, this gave me an idea. Would you like to read about books that are appearing, on their Debut Morning????


5 thoughts on “AuthorChat . . . Another idea for AuthorChat…please comment????

  1. ~Stranded at Third~ came out this morning? Really? I heard this book is just the first of what is going to be a KICK ASS series!
    Personally, I’m all for hearing about books BUT I’m waaay more interested in the author interviews. You mention their works within the articles and that’s enough for me. The articles are what cause my intrigue and once I’m hooked I’ll follow the author and their work….just sayin’.

  2. I was so excited about Stranded to come out. Getting to know some authors has been very exciting and rewarding for me as a reader. I love Sidda’s books and yes Blue I loved yours also. One reason I was so excited about reading Stranded at Third was because you both are amazing writers. I new it would be an amazing read. I was curious to see how y’all were doing this living in different states ( e-mailing and talking on the phone about everything had to a challenge) Well this is one fan that is very proud you pulled it off and I can’t wait to read more of the Game Time Series.

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