AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Copper Sloane 1/28/14

Welcome to AuthorChat with Blue. Today’s guest is Toronto-native, Copper Sloane.

“…the only way the world will be a better place is if we stop allowing bad people to secretly do bad things.”                   — Copper Sloane

What do you–yeah you, reading this—consider the best thing about books? Probably, it’s the fact that reading can take you a world away.  Momentarily,at least,  you have the luxury of  enjoying an out-of-this-world experience.

As an eight-year old, Copper Sloane had visions of being the next astronaut to walk on the moon. Once he began learning what he called the politics of the business, he quickly altered his dreams. Today, he’s an astronaut of-a-different-sort; his words that are taking him a world away.

“After giving up on ever making it to space, I decided I wanted to be a comic book artist,” the University of Toronto English Literature major said. “At fifteen, I was reading a particular novel and decided from reading the very first page that an author is what I wanted to ultimately become.”


After experimenting in some horror and science fiction, Sloane settled on a mixture of genres. Today, he’s mixing horror, sci fi, and literary fiction to create his own brand.

(C’mon! You had to know he’d have some sci-fi in him with his childhood dreams of walking on the moon.)

Currently, I Am Inevitable is available on Amazon. Listed a penny less than a single George Washington, the 17-year soccer player is also working on the follow-up. The next book in the series is slated for a late-February or early-March release.

Interestingly, the Stephen King admirer said he writes 4-6 hours during the day. However, he spends the rest of the day researching. As usual, his writing and research aren’t geared for reviews, he stressed. Instead, he wants readers to think about his themes.

In his theme-based writing, Sloane tackles controversial issues we deal with in society or see on the news, daily. His goal is for readers to look at the main character’s struggles. Violence, politics, and corruption are all problematic factors that Sloane wants to bring to surface. As for reviews, he realistically hopes readers look at his work “objectively.”

“I think it’s unfortunate that reader ratings can determine the course of a self-published author’s career,” the wide-ranging music listener, who was once compared to J.M. Coetzee–a Nobel Laureate–admitted. “Common reader reviews tend to be very opinionated, and aren’t usually written objectively. Too many readers write ‘This book is terrible’ without ever considering that their own personal preference may not jive with the preferences of another reader. I think readers who write reviews should be careful, and consider that if they try to pass their very strong opinion as fact, they might cause a reader who may well have enjoyed anyone’s book to give it a pass. Reviews should be handled with care. If you don’t like something, give the author very valid reasons why.”

As for a writing career, the author who likes “to paint vivid pictures with words,” wants only one thing. He wants to make the world a better place through his words.

There are several ways to contact Sloane through social media:

Facebook: Copper Sloane

Twitter: @coppersloane

Book series email:



Blue Stour

Blue is 1/2 of the erotica romance tag team champions of the worrrrrlllllllllllllddddddddddddddddddd!!! w/THE Sidda Lee Rain. Their first book, “Stranded at Third,” was released yesterday,

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One thought on “AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Copper Sloane 1/28/14

  1. well I have had the pleasure of chatting with Copper before but it’s always nice to get to know them an a different level of who he is and why he writes.

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