AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jessica O’ Gorek 1/29/14

If you’ve been following AuthorChat, you’ll know that I happen to find it incredibly interesting to learn just how people became authors. In the case of Jessica O’Gorek, she faced five-possible career avenues in her childhood. As Jessica grew, she wasn’t forced to make the choice; life’s simple process of elimination made the choice for her.

Actress—geographically, she was nowhere near Hollywood

Model—too vertically challenged

Singer—“really hard to get into and make a career”

Dancer—“really hard to get into and make a career”

Author—BINGO  *ding, ding, ding*

Heavily influenced by the encouragement and praise of her father, author Barry Weinstock, O’Gorek completed her first novel at the age of thirteen, six years after she started writing poetry. She looks back today  and says how horrible it was, in her eyes. But, it was still a start. Her father, meanwhile, just raved and raved about his daughter’s work; writing in the next generation of the family had begun.

Today the divorced mother of a 14-year-old daughter has worked on adult fiction, erotica, and sci fi. In fact, her first series, Gemini Rising, was an adult paranormal romance . . . in the beginning. Because her daughter constantly wanted to read it so badly after a trio of books in the series were written, Jessica had to cut “tons of adult content.” Therefore, Gemini Rising is now categorized as Young Adult. Unsurprisingly, her daughter has been her biggest inspiration to keep writing.

Jess O Ethereal Rising

“Seeing my daughter continue to practice and write her own novels in hopes of following in my footsteps and carrying on our tradition,” O’Gorek pointed out about her biggest satisfaction from writing.  “Knowing that I have created an outlet for her and have shown her how fun writing can be is better than any verbal compliment.”

After interviewing O’Gorek, Young Adult seems to sound as if that’s the genre she will wind up comfortably writing. Going by her information and writing favorite, Stephanie Meyer, the genre seems to be a cinch. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Meyer wrote O’Gorek’s fictional husband, Edward Cullen.

In addition to Meyer being an amazing storyteller, Jessica says that the now-famous author of the Twilight series has “paved the way for the YA genre.” If Meyer, in fact, has paved the YA roads, O’Gorek hopes to spray paint the lane lines. Her goal in writing, now, is simply to launch more serious concepts in the Young Adult Genre.

Thus far, just one book has been published in her Gemini Rising Series, Ethereal Fury. However, she is currently writing the fourth book. So, expect more from this author, soon.

O’Gorek is offering the first seven chapters in book one, Ethereal Fury,(pictured above) free on Wattpad:

Other pages include,

Amazon: OGorek/dp/0925776254





We’ll be looking for those other books in the Gemini Rising series from Jessica. Also, don’t rule out seeing some red-hot erotica, another passion.

Not too shabby for the author who was once the little girl on recess chastising her classmates for killing a bug.

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