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It’s high-time to end the Batman shenanigans.

First and foremost, I have nothing but love for the talented Sidda Lee Rain, as an author, a co-author, a friend, and my tag-team partner. Writing book #1, “Stranded at Third”–the first book in the Game Time Series–was challenging and rewarding. Now, we’re gradually kicking out book #2, “Kept on Ice.” However, that tag-team partnership in and out of the fictitious ring is where I am forced to draw the line.I do not want to involve the Gotham PD, so I’m hoping to settle this dispute in F.C. (Facebook Court) Should she persist on telling the loyal citizens of Facebook that she is, in fact, Batman, the Gotham PD WILL be paying a visit to the negative 80+ windchills of her soul…I mean home. OOPS. Basically, this whole mess could be considered identity theft, slander, or flat-out Minneeesota Steelin’. (What the hell would Hayden Fox think, Sidda?)


Top-10 Reasons Blue Stour is the REAL Batman, and Sidda Lee Rain is Robin

 10. it’s BatMAN, not BatWOMAN

9. Blue ALWAYS wears the ears.

8. By stereotype ALONE, Sidda is a woman, meaning Blue, a.k.a. Batman, ALWAYS drives.

7. Batman has a huge IQ (Need I say more?)

6. Batman modestly doesn’t want to be Batman 24/7. Likewise, Blue doesn’t want to be Blue 24/7. Conversely, Sidda longs to be Batman, ALWAYS. A little Robin-treatment has goneth to her head me thinketh.

5. Batman is able to separate emotion from life. (Name one woman who can do that?)

4. Batman likes to play with his toys . . . ok, ya got me on that one, Robin, eerrr Sidda.

3. Batman is warm on the inside and cold on the outside . . . Sidda’s opposite. SSSHHHHHHHH

2. Batman is quick-witted when it comes to expressions like, “Holy Bat Shit”

1. BatMAN, NOT BatWOMAN; enough said!

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Along w/THE Sidda Lee Rain, Blue is ½ of the erotic romance tag team champions of the WORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! :  http://www.amazon.com/Stranded-Third-GAME-TIME-SERIES-ebook/dp/B00I204UBK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1390940026&sr=8-2&keywords=blue+stour

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