AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Kathleen Brooks

People become authors for several reasons. Some become professional writers because of an impression made by another author, an interest in reading, a tremendous story-telling ability, or just a passion for writing. Still others, from boredom?


Don’t you just hate it when that four-letter word, W-O-R-K, interferes with your daydream?

After graduating from the University of Kentucky’s School of Law, the NY Times & USA Today best-selling author became a lawyer and boredom ensued. The married mother of one daughter, . . . three dogs and a cat . . . was soon-after bitten by the writing bug.

“I was a lawyer; I wrote a lot of boring things,” the Southerner said when asked why she became a writer.  “I had always loved to create stories in my head, but legal briefs interrupted any time I thought about putting them on paper. Then I had this one really great story that just wouldn’t leave my head, but I erased it after one-third was completely on paper because it sounded like a legal brief.  I finally cleared my mind and just told my story. Once I turned it on, I couldn’t turn off the voices. I can’t imagine doing anything else now but writing.”

Just as she claimed her story-telling ideas leisurely took her from the real world, her mostly romantic and suspenseful writings, mixed with comedy, are doing the same for readers.

“I receive so many nice notes from my readers who are in pain or sick.” Brooks said. “They all claim the books give them a nice break.”

Bluegrass Series                                                Bluegrass Brothers Series

Bluegrass State of Mind                         Bluegrass Undercover
Risky Shot                                                   Rising Storm
Dead Heat                                                   Acquiring Trouble

Relentless Pursuit

Secrets Collide

Final Vow

The woman whose grandfather used to think she’d be the first female president says there’s nothing like being a writer. Many authors go through phases of, “This sucks; I’m getting a different ‘job!’” with their author role.

Not Brooks.

“Writing in my pajamas instead of writing legal arguments in an office is a dream job,” Brooks added with an obvious smile. “To steal from Happy Gilmore, you have to find your ‘happy place.’”

Brooks also mentioned her best way to get out of a writers-blocked scene. Instead of thinking on it all day, the author whose favorite author is Jane Austen because Austen’s books “paved the way for modern romance,” talks it out. . . . to anyone or anything.

“Even my dog will listen,” she added. “The point is to talk it out. Explain it. Don’t be afraid of the delete button, either!”

Brooks welcomes contact from readers. She can be reached several ways.




Twitter: @BluegrassBrooks


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AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Wendy Sexton 1/21/14

ac wendy sexton

Apples are overrated, according to erotica writer Wendy Sexton. She says it’s not an apple each day that keeps the doctor away. Instead . . .

Sexton grew up in California–Boys in the Hood, California, that is; that’s Compton for the movie challenged. Long associated with basketball, if any sport, Sexton’s childhood saw other athletic dreams not writing aspirations.

“I wanted to be the first woman to play baseball,” she boldly pointed out. “I even went to pitching school for fast pitch softball; it was the sh*t.”

Thrown into motherhood at just fourteen, though, Wendy was forced to give up her dream of pitching for the Dodgers. A few years later—talk about fate–the long-time Left Coast resident met her future husband, Kevin, at jury duty, of all places. Then, with two bouncing boys, Brandon and Bradley, they moved to Arizona.

If the chance-meeting of her husband was odd, that’s nothing compared to how she became a writer. It proves that writing breaks can come anywhere.

“I was on a flight to Boston for work. The guy sitting next to me was a literary agent, and he told me to write ‘your story,’” Wendy reflected. “It got too emotional, and brought back some pain and anguish. I put it on hold and started writing my fiction. I love writing.”

Writing “her fiction” at least eight hours each day is showing and growing. Two-of-three books in her Quest Series are available. Raven’s Quest and Skyclad’s Quest can be found on The trilogy’s final installment, Luna’s Quest, will be released in February, 2014.  Finally, Sexton added that she has “about 5 more books” in the works.

Even though she continuously writes with passion, writing is a grueling journey, she admits. People fail to understand just how draining of a process it is. Like most authors, there are times when Wendy is ready to just say, Bag it ALL!!!

“Everyday…… Everyday,” Sexton expressed how often she becomes frustrated. “Then there is that moment that the hair stands up on the back of my neck when I get the great idea. Then, I can’t stop thinking about the story. That is what keeps me going and to prove to myself that I can do this.”

Her passion for and pursuit of perfect erotica can be expressed best by how she wants to be remembered as a writer, both now and later.

“You made me j*ck off in the shower; your book was so f*cking hot,” Wendy proudly remembered what-she-calls her best compliment, ever. “I don’t want this to be over; I want to be writing dirty books until I die. Sex is amazing. I have to have an orgasm daily just to keep my heart beating.”

. . .  the earlier oft-used reference to an apple is completely wrong; it isn’t an apple a day. As she expresses, An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

Wendy can be reached at any of the following:



Twitter:  @Wendy_Sexton



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AuthorChat with Blue and Mel Favreaux 1/19/14

HI! I’m Blue Stour. (pronounced Store) Mel Favreaux was kind enough to vist today. Without further adieu, here’s Mel:


Unlike a lot of authors, North Carolina-based writer Mel Favreaux isn’t looking to be the next Nora Roberts, yet. In fact, her goals are quite modest and admirable. In a recent interview, she told me how she wants to be viewed after her writing days are done.

“(I want to feel) that something I wrote made someone feel,” the navy-brat whose father was a navy retiree said. “To be able to evoke emotions from the written word is a very potent feeling. I’m still one of those authors that finds it hard to believe that someone wants to buy my books.”

At first, the multi-genre writer didn’t set out to become a computer-keyboard wizard. She hoped to use her love for animals to become a veterinarian, initially. Two years after she moved to Florida as an eleven-year old, however, the barely-a teenager penned her first novel, and the writing itch stuck.

After stepping away from her author platform for a few years, Favreaux has returned, full-steam ahead. Her contemporary fiction release, Valor of a Woman, is available at many eBook outlets. Walker’s Run, is also available; the paranormal romance is the first book in a series. The second book, Shadow Walker, will be available “very soon,” and the third installment, Dream Walker, is slated for release in “probably the next two months.” As of right now, there is no end in sight for the series.

With what appears to be books just popping onto the screen, one would think that the Virginia native would be writing 24/7. However, that’s far from true. With two younger children, nine and seven, occupying a lot of her time, she said she writes as often as she possible, but “it all depends on whether the creativity is flowing.”

Creativity is something that Mel ignored for years since beginning that first novel at age 13. Like many other authors, though, she became frustrated. Not knowing she was switching her career direction in life, she just felt that it was “pointless,” and she “wasn’t good enough.”

So, what did she do?


“Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge,” she lamented.

Today, Mel has returned to the writing scene. Not only has Favreaux learned, but she is doing what she says anyone else who aspires to be a writer needs to do; she’s taking that plunge.

Favreaux, who “loves email,” can be reached at Also, she’s very accessible on Facebook and Twitter.



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Along with THE Sidda Lee Rain, B.S.  makes up 1/2 of the erotic romance Tag-Team Champions of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLDDD!!! Their Game Time Series is where Sex & Sports collide.