AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Stevie MacFarlane 2/25/14

Growing up in a divorced family, Stevie MacFarlane lived with her mother, three older sisters, and grandparents in the family home, in central-New York. Being the youngest, she admittedly enjoyed all of the luxuries that go with being the most spoiled child.

As she aged, MacFarlane wanted to be a nurse, teacher, writer, or “a million other things.” The one thing that she wanted to be more than any other was a mother. At the age of twenty-eight and five children later, she had fulfilled that need. Then, she decided it was time; at that point, she enrolled in college.

“I did it a little backwards,” the author of Domestic Discipline/Romantic Spanking Fiction said about her decision to have children and then go to college before pursuing her writing career. “I think of my writing now as erotica, but if you look at what’s available and acceptable in today’s market, my writing is pretty mild.  I am working on a paranormal romance so I’ll have to wait and see where the characters take me.”


Since her flourishing writing career began, she has published seven books. It’s a difficult chore to write one or two books. However, to publish seven? That’s an accomplishment that comes with peaks and valleys the author admits.

“It’s (writing) not an easy job, and anyone who thinks it is better think again,” MacFarlane stressed. “There are times I’m convinced that what I’ve written is total crap and other times when I think I’m a genius; of course, neither is true.  It’s depressing, exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding and I firmly believe that all writers are just a little crazy.  So be crazy!  Write what you feel, write from the heart. Most of all cut yourself some slack and have patience.  Everything is a WIP, (work in progress) including you.”

Even though the die-hard Buffalo Bills fan said social media is not her strongsuit, she still makes use of the sites, offering her readers plenty of choices. The following is a list of her works thus far, along with the contact and learn-more options:

Changing Her Mind

Little White Lies

The O’Malley Brides

The Not-So-Lucky Bridget O’Malley (a St. Patrick’s Day novella)

The following are a series, Sugar Babies, Inc.

Book One, A Sweet and Sassy Match

Book Two, Match Me If You Dare

Book Three, Matched For Keeps

Currently, she is working on a fourth book in the series with a release date  unknown.



Twitter:  Steviemac1175



MacFarlane’s books are written for the purpose of entertaining her readers. She writes strong and independent, yet loving and caring men. Her female characters tend to also be strong and independent, yet they choose to surrender to their men—sensing a theme?

Lastly, Stevie admitted that she tries to write what she likes to read, “feel-good stories.” According to the one-time spoiled brat, life is always hard, so “curl up with one of my books and escape; that’s my motto.”

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Lisa Paul 2/21/14

Sometimes, there are certain ways of speaking to sound professional. Then, there are other ways of speaking to just be you. Essentially, it’s kind-of like the informal/formal transformation.

The public records will show that Lisa Paul’s venture into a career of authoring was in her blood. After all, her grandmother was a published poet. Also, Nana had a complete manuscript that was never published. According to the granddaughter and mother of two, writing has always been her way of “purging, bleeding, breathing, dreaming, without judgment or fear.”

Then, there’s the other reason that Paul was sucked into the writing game; it sounds a lot more realistic, less climactic, and lifelike.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Paul was faced with the inevitable decision of choosing a major. Even though she would go on to earn a Bachelor’s of Social Work, she failed to realize that it was writing which influenced her decision.

“When it came time to declare a major, I was torn between psychology and social work,” the life-time Pennsylvanian said. “I ended up choosing social work because I loved writing papers and essays; all of the exams were written. In psych, they were multiple choice; I stink at multiple choice. I chose social work because I could write.”

Based on the two scenarios, if anyone asks, Paul became an author because it was in her blood. Incidentally, though, she did go on to earn her M.A. in Social Work, from Temple University.

Having learned that, Paul becoming an author shouldn’t be a surprise. Even as a child, she considered the option of being an author. In fact, she’ll admit that she’s written all of her life. In her youthful years, she had aspirations of one day being a few different things–all of which included her being in the spotlight–writing was still toward the top of that list.

“I wanted to be a famous singer, an actress, or a writer–but a famous writer like Danielle Steele,” the erotic roman author said. “I wanted people to know exactly who I was and want to be around me ALL THE TIME. . . . Now, as a mom, I covet the quiet time.”

Though she’s writing only one genre, she was quick to point out that she is not limiting herself in the future. In the meantime, she’s happily learning the ropes and not about to slow down.

“I’ve never thought of doing anything else, but getting exposure is and has been a complete nightmare for me; I can’t seem to figure it out,” said the author who began as strictly a blogger and book reviewer. “The reviews of both of my books are really, really good, even great. My advice to those who are thinking about jumping (off the Writing Wagon) is believe in yourself; YOU have to. If you don’t, no-one else will take you seriously.”

Thankfully, Paul spoke pretty passionately about her experience in writing book reviews. According to the huge Philadelphia Phillies fan (C’mon; it’s only because her dad was a Phillies die-hard or else I might not have been able to write the article (Blue humor; Blue humor)) she would never leave a negative review. If she didn’t care for a book, she’d simply email the author, explain the problems she felt it had, and post nothing. If she posted anything, it was a sincere appreciation. Under no circumstances would she leave the thing authors should loathe, the dreaded “fake review.”

“I can’t tell you how often I have purchased a book based on the 150 five-star reviews and been left to scratch my head wondering what the heck those people were thinking,” Paul said. “That being said, I see no reason for people to be so damn cruel in leaving nasty reviews either. I can’t tell you the hurtful and hateful things I have seen written in reviews; people can be truly horrible. Honestly, one can say, ‘I didn’t like this book’ or ‘This book needs editing,’ without demeaning the author and the author’s intellect.”

The dedicated book reviewer-turned-author now spends hours writing—or sometimes none. Paul admitted when it’s “flowing,” she can write about twelve hours, nonstop. However, there are other times when she can go for weeks without writing a word. Basically, the lyrics-girl who loves any type of music which possesses strong lyrics says that it just depends on when the mood strikes.

Her writing, thus far, has yielded two books in her Charistown Series. The first, Thursday Nights and the second, Storm Front, are available on The third in the series which will run at least four books long, Breaking to Breathe, is slated for a June, 2014, release.

Paul can be reached on the following sites:


Twitter: @Lisanpaul3


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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & G.E. Stills 2/18/14

Rarely does it happen that children actually become what they want to be when they reach adulthood. Even in the cases that do, many regret. Before becoming an author, G.E. Stills fulfilled his childhood ambition.  However, it wasn’t writing, nor was it what he had envisioned.

“I wanted to be a soldier. My dad was a war movie buff, so in my childhood I watched a lot of war movies,” the owner of a technical automotive degree said. “At that time, more of the movies had a WWII setting and I idolized the heroes. I became a soldier, but after two tours in Viet Nam and being told my next duty station would be in Shima, Alaska, I changed my mind about being a career soldier.”


Through the years, Stills, a lover of various types of music, has dabbled in writing but mostly for his own enjoyment. Family and career got in the way of writing for the thirty-year husband, father of two, and grandfather of two. However, in 2008, Stills starting writing with the intent of being published.

“I primarily write erotic romance books in the paranormal and science fiction genres,” Stills added. “I have also written contemporary, science fiction and paranormal stories that are non-erotic. All of my stories have a happily-ever-after ending.”

Now that Stills is full-steam ahead, there are nothing but happy endings in his future.

“Sometimes I get frustrated–most of us (authors) do–but the thought of not writing is terrible to contemplate,” said the writer who doesn’t set limits on writing each day because he just lets it flow. “I can’t picture my life without writing in it.  If it is in your blood you can’t quit. Write on.”

“Write on,” he has. His distinctive writing ability is displayed on his page. Readers can find his assortment of books on the following link: Addisitonally, there are several ways to contact or just check up on Stills.


Facebook, author:

Facebook, personal:


Following his flourishing author career, the Nebraska native wants readers to remember his work one way.

“(I want to be perceived) as an author who enjoyed creating worlds and characters for his readers,” the long-time New Mexico resident added. “My books are written for entertainment. I hope they’ve been able to dive into a world of adventure and enjoyment I’ve created.”

AuthorChat with Blue Stour SPECIAL

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jennifer Sage 2/13/14

“Books and authors are like memories, too many good ones to count.”

— Jennifer Sage

At AuthorChat, we’ve been examining how writers fall into the sea of written words. For readers who have been following, they’ve seen many ways . . . and we’re still wading into the water.

During an interview with Jennifer Sage, instead of focusing on an author’s beginning, she elaborated on how an author’s writing career comes to an end. According to her, the only way a real author stops writing is that inevitable day when they’re pushing up  daisies.


“No true author is ever done writing,” the paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and erotica author said.  “As long as I’m breathing, I will write.”

Growing up a Floridian, Sage wanted to become a fashion designer, an actress, or a writer. Acting faded out and since she admits she “often forgets to even wear underwear,” fashion obviously took a back seat. Therefore, writing won out.

“Writing fell into me,” Sage added. “I’ve been writing poetry and stories since I was old enough to form sentences; before I could do that, I drew them–not well, of course.”

Perhaps she draws like a kindergartner, but her books are not child-appropriate material. Though none of her books have what she likes to call “closed-door sex scenes,” Sage still loves to write the heat; “The water is nice there,” she insists.

Undoubtedly, authors have a certain passion for writing. Once they get bitten by the writing bug, they’re well on their way to becoming authors. Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, it’s something nearly impossible to walk away from.

“I couldn’t say ‘screw this’ to breathing, so I couldn’t ever say no to writing; it’s part of me,” said the woman with an overflowing sense of humor who joked that she deals with negative comments by flashing her boobs. “My advice to struggling authors is if you’re writing to get rich, STOP! If you’re writing because it’s as natural as your heartbeat and you can’t NOT write, keep going; you’re doing it right.”

Sage has been “doing it right,” as much as possible, lately. The day of the week determines how much she is able to devote to writing. Like many, weekends are her most productive times. No matter the time, though, Sage writes with what she wants the readers take from each word–passion.

“I try to make sure I have at least 30 min to an hour per-day writing,” Sage said. “I’d like to have 5-6 hours a day, but I’m not there yet.”


Included in her list of works thus far, Sage has Immortal Dreams, Immortal Bound and Keltor available. A companion novel to Keltor, Ratja-The Magic Within, which is being released on her website—free–before it is released to the public.

TOMORROW, Valentine’s Day:  Sexual Tendencies, an erotic anthology will be released. All proceeds are going to a charity that helps kids find art instead of the streets. A few months later, Dante will be released.

The author welcomes contact via any of the following:

website: ***Sign up for my newsletter here, and receive             exclusive, unpublished and pre-published work***




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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Carrie Mattern 2/10/14

Growing up, “when TLC and Salt-n-Peppa ruled the radio stations,” Carrie Mattern Shay ruled the softball diamonds and classrooms; she was a sensational pitcher and a stellar student. Astoundingly, her academic accomplishments rivaled her impressive athletic dominance in the softball circle. So masterful she was, in fact, she received a scholarship for both.

After graduating from high school with honors, she accepted the athletic and academic scholarships from Saginaw Valley State University. As Mattern enrolled, she still ignored the fact that she was destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an educator.


“I saw (my mom) come home with so much work, and I didn’t want that burden,” the former SVSU pitching ace reflected about witnessing her mother’s teaching profession. “I also saw how hard she worked with little recognition; I felt she deserved more. Little did I know, less than ten years after vowing it wasn’t the job for me, I’d be teaching teenagers in a small town called Brown City, located in the thumb of Michigan.”

As a youngster, though, Mattern wrote, but had no plan of becoming a teacher. Instead, it was Hollywood that swept her into an ideal career. When she first saw Indiana Jones, the Michigan-lifer dreamed of becoming, you guessed it, an archaeologist; there was no other option. The Hollywood marquees were going to read, Indiana Jones and Carrie Shay. Ultimately, though, she grew out of that phase and vowed to become a marine biologist.

Then, she realized how much schooling that would entail, not to mention the fact that she noticed “how far I’d have to move from my parents.” Quickly, Mattern aborted that plan, also. As her career options changed, she just knew there was still that one profession that she would never pursue–Mom’s job.

Fast forward through her collegiate career, and after graduating with a strong athletic and academic resume, Carrie began teaching at Brown City High School. Then, she met Paul; three beautiful children later, they’ve been married for eight years.

As far as the high school English teacher’s writing career goes, she has her parents and her aunt to thank for the push. In all, it’s been a life-long journey.

“I’ve always written.  My Aunt Candice used to buy me a new journal every year for Christmas when I was little,” the writer of children’s books, young adult fiction, adult fiction, and non-fiction said. “In sixth grade I published my first story, ‘Jenny has to Move’; it wasn’t a best-seller, but I remember feeling so special. Then, my parents surprised me by publishing Papa, Why Does the Wind Blow after I gave it to my dad for Father’s Day, years ago; it was a delightful surprise!  That is when I considered myself a full-fledged author.”

To date, Mattern has three children’s stories and two young adult novellas available. In addition to her first works, she is working on an anthology, a children’s follow-up to Papa. Also, the Ace pitcher has a book of “humiliation essays” in the works.

Slowly but surely, Mattern is gaining more and more recognition as an author. In fact, just recently she received, what she calls, her biggest compliment, yet.

“My husband was getting our oil changed the other day and after he paid, the girl asked him if he was married to the author, Carrie Mattern,” she proudly said. “She was reading my YA book at Mott Community College; super-cool author moment.”

The woman who profoundly says “readers are saving books and reviews are saving authors,” spends more time writing than one would think, considering she works a stress-filled, full-time job teaching high school students.

The English teacher spends a couple of hours each day on emails, lesson plans, grading papers, writing comments, and evaluations. Then, for “funsies,” she writes another hour each day. Surprisingly, she may do her best writing, not on paper.

“I tend to write the complete book in my head and then type it out in a few sittings,” the music lover of too-many-artists-to-list said. “This works well when you have a full time job and three children under ten.”

Mattern has the following books available:

Papa Why Does the Wind Blow

Welcome Little Leo

All About Jane (

Never (Spring 2014)

The Magician’s Daughter (printing now)

Furthermore, the writing darling of Burton, Michigan, is easily accessible.


Facebook: LIKE

Though she’s in the midst of an ever-expanding writing career, Mattern already knows how she wants her works to be remembered. Simply put, she sees her work being labeled as timeless.

“I want my writing to speak volumes to people at any age and at any point in time, without any clarification or validation on my end.  I want them to take their own experience with my words, have their unique interpretation, and be satisfied.”

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour and Alexa Grace 2/6/14

When die-hard sports fans hear of the educational institution Indiana State University, only one name comes to mind. That’s the French Lick, Indiana, phenom, Mr. Larry Bird.

Following her childhood dream of teaching, romantic-suspense author Alexa Grace is now reeling in readers like Bird reeled in fans. The transplanted Floridian who owns a Master’s Degree in education is now writing 6-8 hours per-day as a proud independent author, her “full-time job.”

“I wrote a romantic suspense novel in 1985, went the traditional route, and it was not published,” said the James Patterson fan. “I made a career change that year and I devoted myself 100% to my corporate training management positions.  When I lost my job in 2011, I did a lot of Internet research in self-publishing.  Indie authors like Theresa Ragan and John Locke have really motivated me to take the Indie route. Like them, I wanted to retain control of book design, writing, marketing, etc.  Thus, my Indie journey began.”

When she was mapping out her life as a child, Grace used to say that she’d become an author when she stopped teaching. Today, she’s doing just that. In fact, she’s enjoying her writing profession so much, she doesn’t see anything changing.


“Writing is my passion, the Lady Gaga lover added. “If writing is your passion, you must do it.  Life is short and it would be such a waste if you spent it doing anything but what you love.”

Grace has been busy churning out books for her fans. Her works are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and more.  The following is a list of works:

  • Deadly Trilogy: Deadly Offerings (now Free), Deadly Deception, and Deadly Relations (Deadly Holiday is a novella written on the request of her readers. The book includes all of the Deadly Trilogy characters.     
  • Profile Series: Profile of Evil, Profile of Terror, and Profile of Fear.  Profile of Terror and Profile of Fear aren’t available, yet; they’re scheduled to be released later this year

The “invaluable” feedback from readers is propelling Grace

“I take them seriously because good feedback is invaluable to a writer,” Grace talked about the importance of readers’ reviews. “I believe that readers have a right to their opinion and sometimes give me valuable input for making changes.  Mostly, I concentrate on the feedback of readers who love my books.  I want to keep doing the things they want in my writings.”

In addition to subscribing to her newsletter, readers can keep abreast of Grace’s current goings on through her website, Twitter and Facebook; all are viable options. She can be contacted through the following:


e-newsletter, subscribe,



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special AuthorChat, #redwhiteandblueanthemforever

“We have an official language for a reason. That is equivalent to putting pics of other birds on our national seal! And no we’re not a melding pot (which by the hints at a homogeneous not multiethnic cultures). We’re more like a tossed salad. But we agree to use certain specific garnishes and one dressing. Ok that metaphor is lol.”

— Adrienne Lewis-Wagner, Facebook

First off, this was not planned, but it really grinds me. It also wavers from the traditional AuthorChat format. However, I just couldn’t ignore it.

For starters, I’m NOT racist by any means. However, what I AM is pro-American, the greatest nation on the Earth; the same nation that’s had so many men and women die for the meaning behind OUR National Anthem. I was never honored enough to serve in our armed forces, but have many friends/relatives who have; THANK YOU!

I heard something today about there being a possibility that OUR National Anthem will be sung in different languages on national-event stages. Therefore, the following are the top-five reasons why OUR National Anthem should remain unaltered, ENGLISH.

5. The National Anthem isn’t the International Anthem.

The land of the free and opportunity; why wouldn’t someone from another country take advantage? However, they’re coming to America; they’re not “coming home.”

“Oh say can you see/by the dawn’s early light . . . ”

C’mon.. THAT’S  America, only; that’s US!

4.Honor EVERYONE so we don’t leave anyone out! (said w/sarcasm, Sheldon)

To appease non-English speakers, the Anthem could be sung in French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Islamic, . . . ??? Where’s it end?

If that’s the case, the end zones of the Super Bowl, the batter’s box’s in the World Series, … or any other sporting event, should have every team of every league written on the ground. Wouldn’t want to honor JUST the game’s two representatives who are there through hard work, aka the American way…oops…maybe that should be changed to the World way?  (again, sarcasm, Sheldon)

3. Times change; it’s time to change that, too?


The National Anthem stands for freedom, bravery, character, independence, resiliency, integrity… Our service men and women protect those values, every day. They protect the same things that our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, … did. (Again, THANK YOU)

Now, some of you think we need to accommodate the foreign population by altering one of the most recognizable things in American culture. What next? just disregard the flag after the anthem.

Melting pot, my ass. THIS is America!

I, for one, am not ready to say b/c of the influx of immigrants and changing society, we should sacrifice even more of OUR values and customs at HOME.

2.The Anthem distinguishes us Americans.

I don’t have a problem with singing THEIR Anthem for a particular player represented in the game or an entire team, i.e. hockey; that’s totally cool. BUT, as long as we’re on American soil, let’s take ever chance to recognize that we are here, “The land of the free and the home of the brave;”  there’s ONLY one.

Every time we hear the Anthem, we stand, salute, or put our hands-on-hearts. We’re honoring OUR military and OUR country and OUR forefathers; just as we’re honoring OUR Anthem.


You can spray paint a dog turd any color and pepper it with glitter, but it’s still a turd. Likewise, you can sing the Anthem in any language you want, it’s still OUR Anthem.

That’s what some will say, “Aw, it’s still your anthem.”

However, as an American, don’t you feel pride that it’s OUR Anthem?  It shouldn’t be sung in any language other than what it stands for, what our Troops stand for. We’re the land of the free and home of the brave . . . not home of the accommodating!

If the Anthem is not important, what next, United States colors turn Green, Yellow, and Orange?    

We’re unique, and we’re Americans!


AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Christa Lynn 2/3/14

“He pulls away after nibbling on my bottom lip, and gently pushes me to my back, lowering his toned body over mine. I suddenly don’t care about the muffin top and love handles that adorn my body. All I can think about is having this man on me. In me.                                                                                                                        excerpt  — Running from Destiny by Christa Lynn


If readers watch CSI, Criminal Minds or any other crime show, they may have wondered what happens to the prospective crime-scene detectives who choose not to hack it? In one writer’s case, she turned to the world of writing.

With childhood dreams of becoming a criminal profiler, the married mother opted for another career path, instead. After giving college a shot, Christa Lynn fell into marital bliss seventeen years ago, two years before giving birth to her 15-year-old son, a die-hard hockey player–as she put it, “There is still hockey in the south.”

“I never even imagined it nor thought of it,” Lynn answered when asked if she had ever given much thought to writing as a career choice. “One night I was lying in bed thinking about a really bad book I had tried to read and thought, ‘I can do this.’ So, the next day I started on my first book, which currently hides in the bowels of my laptop collecting dust.”

The mature adult/erotic romance writer admits she loves writing. Also, though, she admits it’s been quite a struggle at times.

“I think about jumping off (a bridge) every day,” the lifelong southerner joked.  “It’s a dog eat dog world out there and for a newbie like me, it is extremely hard to compete and get the exposure that the better-known authors get.”

While working a full-time job through the week, Lynn reserves her weekends for writing . . . when she’s not attending hockey games. Her first book, Running from Destiny, and its sequel, Accepting Destiny, are both available on in the Destined Series.

Furthermore, the Stephen King fan has another work in progress. Thus far, Lynn is 30,000 words into it.

When readers are finished with one of her books, the weekend writer knows exactly what she wants them to feel. The more she kicks out, she hopes readers will look at her, essentially, as the little engine that could.

“I want readers to feel complete,” Christa pointed out about her erotic romances. “I want them to want to spread the word after the story left them satisfied.”

Christa Lynn is accessable through the following:



Twitter: @authorclynn

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain 1/31/14

It damn sure ain’t your mama’s romance books.

In fact, it’s not even close! Sidda Lee Rain’s work is about strong, independent, take-no-sh*t women . . . and their amazing alpha men—far from mama’s secretly-stashed reads.

“I want readers realizing that reality is romantic, and everyday fairytales are just as freeing as the cheesy sh*t in some of your mom’s romance novels,” Rain, a proud Minnesotian, said.” I’m not against those; hell, that’s where I began reading. I’m just saying open your minds. The days of women hiding their sexual beings are over. One-handed reading is here, and that’s one of the best compliments you can give an erotic author.”


Rain was pretty blunt and to the point in most aspects during our interview. However, as she even said, herself, mix in a little “Cuervo” and she would have been even more forthcoming; a statement indicative of her hilarious personality.

Rain is a country girl through-and-through. As a child, she envisioned herself owning horses and boarding stables as an adult. Even though the graduate from the University of Mankato’s Technical College for E.M.T.s didn’t follow her childhood dreams, she still works with . . .  horses . . . and cowboys . . . sort of.

Today, Rain writes what she likes to call Modern Day Western Erotic Romance. It’s a genre she invented simply because, quite frankly, nothing else fit her wants and desires. Judging by her amazing reviews and ratings on, the best-selling author isn’t alone.

“I adore romance but wasn’t finding MY kind of romance,” said the woman insanely loyal to her Minnesota Vikings. “I like it less corny, less sweet. Crank up the reality and make mine extra dirty while you’re at it. Those kind of books were hard to come by–outside of the full-on bdsm, which wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted hard-working, blue-collar men who loved the land, their animals and their women, not necessarily in that order.”

In her first year of writing Modern Day Western Erotic books Ms. Rain has already reached the top-ten book-selling position with Quick on the Trigger. The extremely modest author was surprised when she noticed that the book had cracked the top-100, launching her into the esteemed category. Then, a friend called and notified her that the novel had rocketed to #26. The next morning, Sidda looked on in shock and excitement as the book had climbed to #3.

Numbers are great, but Rain gets the most satisfaction knowing that she touched a reader. To her, that feeling is worth more than the price of any book.

“Because of a leading lady in one of my books and her acceptance with herself, they (readers) are now embracing themselves, imperfections and all,” Rain said is the most flattering compliment she receives. “There’s honestly too much self hate, especially among women, so to hear that I may have had a tiny hand in that . . . bet your a** I’ll take it.”

Expressive and no-holds-barred may best sum up her writing.

“My books have warnings on them, so if you don’t like the explicit sex–yes there’s a lot and yes, its my foul mouth—that’s your issue, not mine. I’m a broad who happens to like filthy sex and I adore the word f*ck like no other, but you’ve been warned.”

Eventually, the Facebook-o-holic has plans to step outside of erotic romance. A journey which began as just one book has evolved into more because of the tremendous success; like McDonalds, readers are lovin’ it. In the future, she plans to write in other genres under a pen name, but it looks like the true erotic-romance side of Sidda Lee Rain is here to stay for a while, at least.

That news will make many readers happy. After all, the fiesty red head’s work is nothing like their mamas used to hide . . . errrr read!

Sidda Lee Rain’s books can be found on in paperback or eBook.

A)  Denim Series Book 1) Quick on the Trigger 2) Steel Horse Cowboy

B)   B) Crooked E Ranch Series Book 1) Sweet as Candy 2) Pure as Snow

C)   C) Game Time Series with Blue Stour 1) Stranded at Third

               Coming soon

Dirty Denim #3, Roping Him In

Crooked E-Ranch #3, Sexy as Sin

Game Time Series #2, Kept on Ice

Sidda Lee Rain can be contacted easily. Reach her at the following:


Twitter: @Siddaleerain


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