AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain 1/31/14

It damn sure ain’t your mama’s romance books.

In fact, it’s not even close! Sidda Lee Rain’s work is about strong, independent, take-no-sh*t women . . . and their amazing alpha men—far from mama’s secretly-stashed reads.

“I want readers realizing that reality is romantic, and everyday fairytales are just as freeing as the cheesy sh*t in some of your mom’s romance novels,” Rain, a proud Minnesotian, said.” I’m not against those; hell, that’s where I began reading. I’m just saying open your minds. The days of women hiding their sexual beings are over. One-handed reading is here, and that’s one of the best compliments you can give an erotic author.”


Rain was pretty blunt and to the point in most aspects during our interview. However, as she even said, herself, mix in a little “Cuervo” and she would have been even more forthcoming; a statement indicative of her hilarious personality.

Rain is a country girl through-and-through. As a child, she envisioned herself owning horses and boarding stables as an adult. Even though the graduate from the University of Mankato’s Technical College for E.M.T.s didn’t follow her childhood dreams, she still works with . . .  horses . . . and cowboys . . . sort of.

Today, Rain writes what she likes to call Modern Day Western Erotic Romance. It’s a genre she invented simply because, quite frankly, nothing else fit her wants and desires. Judging by her amazing reviews and ratings on, the best-selling author isn’t alone.

“I adore romance but wasn’t finding MY kind of romance,” said the woman insanely loyal to her Minnesota Vikings. “I like it less corny, less sweet. Crank up the reality and make mine extra dirty while you’re at it. Those kind of books were hard to come by–outside of the full-on bdsm, which wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted hard-working, blue-collar men who loved the land, their animals and their women, not necessarily in that order.”

In her first year of writing Modern Day Western Erotic books Ms. Rain has already reached the top-ten book-selling position with Quick on the Trigger. The extremely modest author was surprised when she noticed that the book had cracked the top-100, launching her into the esteemed category. Then, a friend called and notified her that the novel had rocketed to #26. The next morning, Sidda looked on in shock and excitement as the book had climbed to #3.

Numbers are great, but Rain gets the most satisfaction knowing that she touched a reader. To her, that feeling is worth more than the price of any book.

“Because of a leading lady in one of my books and her acceptance with herself, they (readers) are now embracing themselves, imperfections and all,” Rain said is the most flattering compliment she receives. “There’s honestly too much self hate, especially among women, so to hear that I may have had a tiny hand in that . . . bet your a** I’ll take it.”

Expressive and no-holds-barred may best sum up her writing.

“My books have warnings on them, so if you don’t like the explicit sex–yes there’s a lot and yes, its my foul mouth—that’s your issue, not mine. I’m a broad who happens to like filthy sex and I adore the word f*ck like no other, but you’ve been warned.”

Eventually, the Facebook-o-holic has plans to step outside of erotic romance. A journey which began as just one book has evolved into more because of the tremendous success; like McDonalds, readers are lovin’ it. In the future, she plans to write in other genres under a pen name, but it looks like the true erotic-romance side of Sidda Lee Rain is here to stay for a while, at least.

That news will make many readers happy. After all, the fiesty red head’s work is nothing like their mamas used to hide . . . errrr read!

Sidda Lee Rain’s books can be found on in paperback or eBook.

A)  Denim Series Book 1) Quick on the Trigger 2) Steel Horse Cowboy

B)   B) Crooked E Ranch Series Book 1) Sweet as Candy 2) Pure as Snow

C)   C) Game Time Series with Blue Stour 1) Stranded at Third

               Coming soon

Dirty Denim #3, Roping Him In

Crooked E-Ranch #3, Sexy as Sin

Game Time Series #2, Kept on Ice

Sidda Lee Rain can be contacted easily. Reach her at the following:


Twitter: @Siddaleerain


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11 thoughts on “AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain 1/31/14

  1. Sidda has an amazing talent!!!! I look forward to seeing her achieve even greater success while staying true to herself and as she often says “own that sh*!” Sidda you inspire so many including me!!!

  2. what can I say about Sidda, when everyone knows I adore her. But what They don’t know is when I met her on facebook I didn’t even know she was an author. Dah right I want to say it was a few weeks before I realized I was talking to an author. This amazing woman has no clue what she helped me do, Trapped in a shell of being hushed and quite by all. She showed me that it’s ok to be who I want to be and who I use to be. I Love being myself again and a lot of people are shocked because I did keep quite. I still have a long way to go about opening up but I’m determined to be me. I use to be the girl that didn’t give a shit what anyone said about me, I want to be that woman again the one I lost so many years ago.. Her books are amazing they prove that strong women are out there in this world and are fighting for what they/we want.. Keep the books coming Sidda you’ll have a forever fan and friend….

    • Barb, Barb, Barb, I REFUSE to let you turn me into a sapp in a public forum! (I’ll totally PM you & do it though) All I can say is the adoration is mutual and you my dear have NO RIGHT to hide your true personality from anyone. That’s not only unfair to YOURSELF but to EVERYBODY else around you. IF they were to think otherwise? They were not to meant to be graced with you in the first place. Only way I can see it because I have nothing but love for you and have seen nothing but the same in return.

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