AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jennifer Sage 2/13/14

“Books and authors are like memories, too many good ones to count.”

— Jennifer Sage

At AuthorChat, we’ve been examining how writers fall into the sea of written words. For readers who have been following, they’ve seen many ways . . . and we’re still wading into the water.

During an interview with Jennifer Sage, instead of focusing on an author’s beginning, she elaborated on how an author’s writing career comes to an end. According to her, the only way a real author stops writing is that inevitable day when they’re pushing up  daisies.


“No true author is ever done writing,” the paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and erotica author said.  “As long as I’m breathing, I will write.”

Growing up a Floridian, Sage wanted to become a fashion designer, an actress, or a writer. Acting faded out and since she admits she “often forgets to even wear underwear,” fashion obviously took a back seat. Therefore, writing won out.

“Writing fell into me,” Sage added. “I’ve been writing poetry and stories since I was old enough to form sentences; before I could do that, I drew them–not well, of course.”

Perhaps she draws like a kindergartner, but her books are not child-appropriate material. Though none of her books have what she likes to call “closed-door sex scenes,” Sage still loves to write the heat; “The water is nice there,” she insists.

Undoubtedly, authors have a certain passion for writing. Once they get bitten by the writing bug, they’re well on their way to becoming authors. Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, it’s something nearly impossible to walk away from.

“I couldn’t say ‘screw this’ to breathing, so I couldn’t ever say no to writing; it’s part of me,” said the woman with an overflowing sense of humor who joked that she deals with negative comments by flashing her boobs. “My advice to struggling authors is if you’re writing to get rich, STOP! If you’re writing because it’s as natural as your heartbeat and you can’t NOT write, keep going; you’re doing it right.”

Sage has been “doing it right,” as much as possible, lately. The day of the week determines how much she is able to devote to writing. Like many, weekends are her most productive times. No matter the time, though, Sage writes with what she wants the readers take from each word–passion.

“I try to make sure I have at least 30 min to an hour per-day writing,” Sage said. “I’d like to have 5-6 hours a day, but I’m not there yet.”


Included in her list of works thus far, Sage has Immortal Dreams, Immortal Bound and Keltor available. A companion novel to Keltor, Ratja-The Magic Within, which is being released on her website—free–before it is released to the public.

TOMORROW, Valentine’s Day:  Sexual Tendencies, an erotic anthology will be released. All proceeds are going to a charity that helps kids find art instead of the streets. A few months later, Dante will be released.

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One thought on “AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jennifer Sage 2/13/14

  1. Jennifer has intrigued me to no end her writing skills are amazing, The first thing I read of Jennifer’s was a poem. The feelings that I walked away with from that one poem I knew I had to go and get her books. I know that they are different writings but any author that can put that much skill into a heart loving poem, has my attention for her books. Good Luck in all your writings.

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