AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Stevie MacFarlane 2/25/14

Growing up in a divorced family, Stevie MacFarlane lived with her mother, three older sisters, and grandparents in the family home, in central-New York. Being the youngest, she admittedly enjoyed all of the luxuries that go with being the most spoiled child.

As she aged, MacFarlane wanted to be a nurse, teacher, writer, or “a million other things.” The one thing that she wanted to be more than any other was a mother. At the age of twenty-eight and five children later, she had fulfilled that need. Then, she decided it was time; at that point, she enrolled in college.

“I did it a little backwards,” the author of Domestic Discipline/Romantic Spanking Fiction said about her decision to have children and then go to college before pursuing her writing career. “I think of my writing now as erotica, but if you look at what’s available and acceptable in today’s market, my writing is pretty mild.  I am working on a paranormal romance so I’ll have to wait and see where the characters take me.”


Since her flourishing writing career began, she has published seven books. It’s a difficult chore to write one or two books. However, to publish seven? That’s an accomplishment that comes with peaks and valleys the author admits.

“It’s (writing) not an easy job, and anyone who thinks it is better think again,” MacFarlane stressed. “There are times I’m convinced that what I’ve written is total crap and other times when I think I’m a genius; of course, neither is true.  It’s depressing, exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding and I firmly believe that all writers are just a little crazy.  So be crazy!  Write what you feel, write from the heart. Most of all cut yourself some slack and have patience.  Everything is a WIP, (work in progress) including you.”

Even though the die-hard Buffalo Bills fan said social media is not her strongsuit, she still makes use of the sites, offering her readers plenty of choices. The following is a list of her works thus far, along with the contact and learn-more options:

Changing Her Mind

Little White Lies

The O’Malley Brides

The Not-So-Lucky Bridget O’Malley (a St. Patrick’s Day novella)

The following are a series, Sugar Babies, Inc.

Book One, A Sweet and Sassy Match

Book Two, Match Me If You Dare

Book Three, Matched For Keeps

Currently, she is working on a fourth book in the series with a release date  unknown.



Twitter:  Steviemac1175



MacFarlane’s books are written for the purpose of entertaining her readers. She writes strong and independent, yet loving and caring men. Her female characters tend to also be strong and independent, yet they choose to surrender to their men—sensing a theme?

Lastly, Stevie admitted that she tries to write what she likes to read, “feel-good stories.” According to the one-time spoiled brat, life is always hard, so “curl up with one of my books and escape; that’s my motto.”

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One thought on “AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Stevie MacFarlane 2/25/14

  1. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Stevie’s books. I do love a good romance book without all the drama sometimes. It changes things up a bit while reading so much. I’ll be putting her on my to read list for sure.

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