AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Julie Morgan 2/28/14

If you’ve been following AuthorChat, we hope you find it fascinating like we do when we uncover how writers become authors. We’ve seen several scenarios describing different author routes. However, Julie Morgan gives us a new, unique, and never-to-be-heard-again trek. (I think I can guarantee that.)


“As a child, I wanted to be a (wait for it, wait for it) mermaid and live in the water,” Morgan admitted. “Then, when I realized my make-believe wouldn’t happen,  I just wanted to live in Florida. . . . Here I am.”

The computer science degree owner from Everest College has always enjoyed writing her thoughts. In fact, she’s always been a writer and reader. However, it wasn’t until June of 2012, when she decided to publish her work. Subsequently, Morgan talked a lot about the frustrating aspects of being published.

“I think we’ve ALL said ‘screw this!’ but the voices/characters continue to come back. If (writers are) on the edge of jumping, take a step back and look at the bigger picture,” the nine-year wife and mother of a daughter said. “Don’t force it. Get the creative juices flowing again and sit back. . . . Then, allow the voices to speak to you, again. If all else fails, sit on the book for a while and consider starting a new one. Sometimes taking a break from it is all that’s needed.”

Thus far, that process is working wonders for the Texas native. Morgan has kicked off her published writing career with a series, Chronicles of the Fallen. The debut work, Fallen, is available now. The follow-up, Redemption, and second in the series, will be available in just two weeks.

The die-hard Dallas Cowboys’ fan said she spends at least an hour each-day writing. Sometimes, she smiled, she gets an entire afternoon or evening to work. In addition, since the paranormal romance author is in the published author category, she constantly deals with those author ego boosts or eternal downers, a.k.a. reviews.

“As an indie author–now with a small press–we live off of our reviews” said the music lover from grunge to country. “I appreciate them, even the one-star. Constructive criticism helps us grow and build ourselves. The other side is where the reviewer is actually bashing the author; I don’t stand for that. I ignore the hate and move on. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there like this.”

Morgan can be reached the following ways:



Twitter: @JulieMorganBook


Even after readers are finished with one of her books, Morgan hopes they’re already thinking about the upcoming story.

“I’d like to hope they’re thinking about what may be coming next for the characters in the stories,” she added.

Not a bad feedback philosophy for the author who once only dreamed of living under the sea, under the sea. (There’s a song in there somewhere; I KNOW it. 🙂  )

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