AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Atty Eve 3/13/14

If it weren’t for depression, Atty Eve may be a dancer on Broadway. Fortunately, she’s turned into a published author. Broadway’s loss is becoming literature’s gain.

“I could have been a star,” Eve said. “I got depressed and stopped taking my dance classes, though. I used to want to play BeBe Benson in A Chorus Line on Broadway.”


Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Eve went a route completely different than the author path she’s on, now. After high school, she joined the Air Force, becoming a weapons specialist. She even took to the air on more than one occasion in The Force. She flew upside down, in circles, and buzzed Panama Beach. However, it was when she straightened out that she found it hard to keep her cookies down.

When she actually decided to write, it was—oddly enough–a dream that inspired her.

“I had a dream,” the wife and mother of two boys with the exact same birthday, three years apart, said. “It was about a role-playing game, so as I was writing out the background instructions of the game, a novel came out.”

Today, Eve finds herself writing all genres under different names. However, Atty Eve strictly writes thrillers.

Thus far, she says the biggest compliment possible she has been paid was by a dedicated reader. The fan told her that she was so emotionally attached to Eve’s characters that two weeks after finishing the book, she had to read it, again.

The Colorado native wrote a young-adult series and signed with her first publisher; it was a big deal. She felt she was on her way, as an author.

Unfortunately, after the publisher suddenly died, Eve was distraught. Feeling as if she had crashed and burned, she even stopped writing for years.

It wasn’t until recently that she bounced back. My Beautiful Suicide is her first work, since.

Admittedly, she jumped off of the writing wagon when adversity struck. However, she couldn’t stay away; the fictitious characters wouldn’t let her. Eve offered her advice to new writers who may be struggling.

“Is it a hobby or a lifestyle?” the author who said Moses should be a more recognizable writer added. “If you’re a real writer then the voices in your head won’t shut up, and there is no ‘jumping off.’ Even if you do, they’ll drag you back in.”

They sure did her.

Back on track, the choir and chamber music lover talked about how much she invests in her craft these days. She prefers to write 6-8 hours per-day, unless she’s working; then, it drops to 1-2 hours, daily.

Without even knowing anything about Eve, the book cover for My Beautiful Suicide pulled me to her work; I had to learn more. Other readers are more-than welcome to learn, share, and—even—stalk Eve by the following methods:






Eve hopes her writing to leave an impression that readers can’t just walk away and forget. The minor league baseball fan strives for more comments like her favorite, mentioned earlier.

“I want them, weeks later, to have the thought, ‘I have to pray for someone because I’m worried about them.’ Then, they remember they were only thinking about my characters and get mad that they were so emotionally attached.”

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