AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Anita Cox

Before finding her true passion of writing, Anita Cox’s life could possibly be said to have been quiet and ever-changing. After several different attempts at employment and dreaming, that’s all changed.

Some of the roles Cox has played in her life have been only in her mind. Others have been trial-and-error processes of moving on. She’s been an astronaut, Spider (Wo)man, princess, Aqua (Wo)man, marine biologist, business person, legal secretary, car salesperson, and even the wife of “Lucifer.”

Anita Cox
Anita Cox

“I wanted to be a marine biologist – you know, because dolphins,” the remarried mother of four children–two step–said. “Then, in high school I sucked at biology and nearly failed chemistry. I went to college to get my degree in Travel and Hospitality Management. I continued my education in business through Indiana Wesleyan because I still had no idea what the f*ck I wanted to do.”

That’s until she started writing.

Deep-down, it appears that Cox always knew she wanted to be an author. She’s spent her entire youth and young adult life as a creative person. After acting out various roles, see above, she took to putting the roles into word; now that’s creative.

“When I started writing, I found my passion; I found me,” Cox said.  “That is what I want to do when I grow up.”

Currently, she writes mystery, suspense, paranormal fiction, and crime fiction. Under her pen name, Anita Cox, she writes erotica. Cox created the name so she could publish erotica and not confuse her fans. Whatever genre she is writing, rest assured that the dedicated author always gives 100% for her readers.

“When I write, I pour my blood, sweat, tears, time, and money into the novels,” the Indiana native said about her personal writing process. “I’ve received bad reviews before; it makes me feel like I failed a fan.  But, then I get on with it.  Granny used to say, ‘You can be the tastiest, juiciest green apple in the world.  Not everyone likes green apples, though.’”

That’s some very useful knowledge passed on by her nana; did she know her grandbaby was going to be an author?

Today, making Grandma proud, undoubtedly, Cox has learned a more appropriate way to deal with a negative review–“cuss and move on.”

Meanwhile, the woman who’s won blogger awards for her writing skills still says that a reader’s individual compliment is the biggest thrill for a writer.
Flattery from her readers is immeasurable, according to Cox. No matter how much of a struggle writing seems at times, it is something that she has no plans of stopping, ever.

“This is me; this is who I am,” she said with enthusiasm. “I will always write. I’ve had to take other jobs when royalties were down, but I’ll do this until I’m too senile to do it any longer.”

Additionally, Cox wanted to pass some advice onto the newer, struggling authors. After all, she was there, too. In her eyes, there is no other profession where fellow employees are so supportive.

“If you don’t have thick skin, don’t publish; it’s a dog-eat-dog world. On the other hand, if you’re strong and determined, the writing community is the most helpful and supportive you’ll ever encounter. Ask authors to join; the water’s warm, and the vodka’s cold,” the heavy-metal lover, i.e., Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Soundgarden, offered before announcing—surprisingly–a favorite artist.

“J. K. Rowling.–Sh*t your pants, didn’t you?– Why? Because whether or not you’re into down-on-your-luck, pre-pubescent, teenage-wizard angst, Rowling embodies our dreams: for our books to go viral, for us to go from rags to riches (like her) . . . and to get the recognition that a hard working author deserves.”

The erotica enthusiast who spends 2-9 hours per-day writing, “depending if the husband and kids leave me the hell alone,” summed up our interview with a hilarious comment I’d be lacking if I didn’t share. When asked if she won ten-million dollars, what would she buy, only one word was needed.


Cox’s creative words and humor are conveyed in her first erotica series, Dirty White Candy; the first book was released almost three weeks ago. Information about the series and other facts and sales concerning the writer from a portion of Indiana that “can’t be found with GPS,” can be found with the following links:

Blog:  http:/


“Candy, the main character, really takes charge of her sexuality,” Cox expressed about her first erotica release. “She also learns the importance of communicating with your partner; that’s what I want.  If you want your nips tweaked or a butt plug, just say so.  Take control of your sex life and the joy you feel from it. Don’t be afraid to live out loud. The time for women to fear their sexuality is long gone;  erotica has become more mainstream. They can strap on that leather bustier and wear it with pride.”

Finally, how does she want to be remembered when she closes the keyboard a final time?

“That b*tch went out with a bang.”

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Atty Eve 3/13/14

If it weren’t for depression, Atty Eve may be a dancer on Broadway. Fortunately, she’s turned into a published author. Broadway’s loss is becoming literature’s gain.

“I could have been a star,” Eve said. “I got depressed and stopped taking my dance classes, though. I used to want to play BeBe Benson in A Chorus Line on Broadway.”


Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Eve went a route completely different than the author path she’s on, now. After high school, she joined the Air Force, becoming a weapons specialist. She even took to the air on more than one occasion in The Force. She flew upside down, in circles, and buzzed Panama Beach. However, it was when she straightened out that she found it hard to keep her cookies down.

When she actually decided to write, it was—oddly enough–a dream that inspired her.

“I had a dream,” the wife and mother of two boys with the exact same birthday, three years apart, said. “It was about a role-playing game, so as I was writing out the background instructions of the game, a novel came out.”

Today, Eve finds herself writing all genres under different names. However, Atty Eve strictly writes thrillers.

Thus far, she says the biggest compliment possible she has been paid was by a dedicated reader. The fan told her that she was so emotionally attached to Eve’s characters that two weeks after finishing the book, she had to read it, again.

The Colorado native wrote a young-adult series and signed with her first publisher; it was a big deal. She felt she was on her way, as an author.

Unfortunately, after the publisher suddenly died, Eve was distraught. Feeling as if she had crashed and burned, she even stopped writing for years.

It wasn’t until recently that she bounced back. My Beautiful Suicide is her first work, since.

Admittedly, she jumped off of the writing wagon when adversity struck. However, she couldn’t stay away; the fictitious characters wouldn’t let her. Eve offered her advice to new writers who may be struggling.

“Is it a hobby or a lifestyle?” the author who said Moses should be a more recognizable writer added. “If you’re a real writer then the voices in your head won’t shut up, and there is no ‘jumping off.’ Even if you do, they’ll drag you back in.”

They sure did her.

Back on track, the choir and chamber music lover talked about how much she invests in her craft these days. She prefers to write 6-8 hours per-day, unless she’s working; then, it drops to 1-2 hours, daily.

Without even knowing anything about Eve, the book cover for My Beautiful Suicide pulled me to her work; I had to learn more. Other readers are more-than welcome to learn, share, and—even—stalk Eve by the following methods:






Eve hopes her writing to leave an impression that readers can’t just walk away and forget. The minor league baseball fan strives for more comments like her favorite, mentioned earlier.

“I want them, weeks later, to have the thought, ‘I have to pray for someone because I’m worried about them.’ Then, they remember they were only thinking about my characters and get mad that they were so emotionally attached.”

AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Ken Haramiru 3/6/14

Author Ken Haramiru had three goals in life. As a youngster, he planned to pursue one as a career. Either he was going to be a combat officer, an IT Director, or an author. Today, he finds himself performing not one, but the dedicated worker is thriving in two roles..


“The dot-com boom seduced me out of college in 2000, and I was fortunate to establish my career at a literal rock star dot-com,” Haramiru said. “I really feel bad for college students now, though – they’re all fighting for a handful of entry-level positions that haven’t been sent overseas.  If I could tell every college student one thing right now it would be to focus on side projects and marketable skills before, during, and after college. College tries to prepare you for the workforce, but it’s once you get into the workforce that you learn how to really do your job.”

Haramiru is concentrating on his primary career. However, he is also flourishing with his career-in-words. Secretly, he uses a trio of names. The author writes under Ken Haramiru for erotica, a second name for erotic fantasy, and a third name for mainstream action and sci-fi stories. That undisclosed third name is the one he admits his family will know.

“I wanted to be a sci-fi author ever since I was a kid, and even wrote some novellas when I was a teenager,” the literotica writer added. “Over the years, my inner writer grew increasingly despondent and frustrated. A few years ago, I tried writing a sex scene to resolve the block, and it worked.  The result was a complete story. . . . just not one I could show my family.  I eventually realized that just because I couldn’t show it to my family, that didn’t mean it wasn’t a complete story.”

He says the writer within him would have been shocked; in horror, even. However, his inner-Man Ho smiled proudly. A year later, he has published ten erotica novellas, “which have been downloaded hundreds-of-thousands of times.”

Haramiru has been a busy-bee, pumping out reads in the past year. In churning out so much work, many writers would be worried about reviews. According to Haramiru, though, they’re just part of the job, good or bad. He offered a very logical explanation for erotica, even “literotica,” writers.

“In our field, you can’t sweat reviews,” he pointed out. “Literotica has a wonderful explanation of ‘Not-My-Kink syndrome. Unfortunately, most reviewers fail to understand that everyone’s kinks are different.  In the end, the only review which matters is that your repeat buyers come back for more.  Every repeat sale represents one person saying, ‘I care more about reading this guy’s stuff than I do about keeping an extra $3.’  When you put that in perspective, ratings really stop mattering so much.”

The funniest thing Haramiru told me was regarding his reviews. It was a comment someone flatteringly told him about a book he wrote.

“Damn you for writing that.  I read it on my lunch break at work, and I hate being that girl who masturbates in the bathroom.”

Oddly, the writer prefers certain music when he’s writing, which he ideally likes to spend 2-4 hours per-day doing. His iPod is loaded with angry German music; that music is reserved for coding and social media interactions.  Wagner and Tchikovsky are his plot-writing musicians. Then, when he writes erotica, it’s strictly . . . country music—“seriously.”

“Modern country is the most intensely sexual music around”, he explained.”Almost every song is about meeting a gorgeous woman and making her your own.  Other genres focus on one-night stands, but country is about settling in for a lifetime of great sex.”

 Haramiru has a few choices to contact him or check out his books.



Twitter:  @haramiru.

Now that I’m finished with this article, I believe it’s time to comprise Blue’s “Fukkit List.” (This could get fun.)—Thanx for the idea, Ken!

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour SPECIAL

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Jennifer Sage 2/13/14

“Books and authors are like memories, too many good ones to count.”

— Jennifer Sage

At AuthorChat, we’ve been examining how writers fall into the sea of written words. For readers who have been following, they’ve seen many ways . . . and we’re still wading into the water.

During an interview with Jennifer Sage, instead of focusing on an author’s beginning, she elaborated on how an author’s writing career comes to an end. According to her, the only way a real author stops writing is that inevitable day when they’re pushing up  daisies.


“No true author is ever done writing,” the paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and erotica author said.  “As long as I’m breathing, I will write.”

Growing up a Floridian, Sage wanted to become a fashion designer, an actress, or a writer. Acting faded out and since she admits she “often forgets to even wear underwear,” fashion obviously took a back seat. Therefore, writing won out.

“Writing fell into me,” Sage added. “I’ve been writing poetry and stories since I was old enough to form sentences; before I could do that, I drew them–not well, of course.”

Perhaps she draws like a kindergartner, but her books are not child-appropriate material. Though none of her books have what she likes to call “closed-door sex scenes,” Sage still loves to write the heat; “The water is nice there,” she insists.

Undoubtedly, authors have a certain passion for writing. Once they get bitten by the writing bug, they’re well on their way to becoming authors. Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, it’s something nearly impossible to walk away from.

“I couldn’t say ‘screw this’ to breathing, so I couldn’t ever say no to writing; it’s part of me,” said the woman with an overflowing sense of humor who joked that she deals with negative comments by flashing her boobs. “My advice to struggling authors is if you’re writing to get rich, STOP! If you’re writing because it’s as natural as your heartbeat and you can’t NOT write, keep going; you’re doing it right.”

Sage has been “doing it right,” as much as possible, lately. The day of the week determines how much she is able to devote to writing. Like many, weekends are her most productive times. No matter the time, though, Sage writes with what she wants the readers take from each word–passion.

“I try to make sure I have at least 30 min to an hour per-day writing,” Sage said. “I’d like to have 5-6 hours a day, but I’m not there yet.”


Included in her list of works thus far, Sage has Immortal Dreams, Immortal Bound and Keltor available. A companion novel to Keltor, Ratja-The Magic Within, which is being released on her website—free–before it is released to the public.

TOMORROW, Valentine’s Day:  Sexual Tendencies, an erotic anthology will be released. All proceeds are going to a charity that helps kids find art instead of the streets. A few months later, Dante will be released.

The author welcomes contact via any of the following:

website: ***Sign up for my newsletter here, and receive             exclusive, unpublished and pre-published work***




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special AuthorChat, #redwhiteandblueanthemforever

“We have an official language for a reason. That is equivalent to putting pics of other birds on our national seal! And no we’re not a melding pot (which by the hints at a homogeneous not multiethnic cultures). We’re more like a tossed salad. But we agree to use certain specific garnishes and one dressing. Ok that metaphor is lol.”

— Adrienne Lewis-Wagner, Facebook

First off, this was not planned, but it really grinds me. It also wavers from the traditional AuthorChat format. However, I just couldn’t ignore it.

For starters, I’m NOT racist by any means. However, what I AM is pro-American, the greatest nation on the Earth; the same nation that’s had so many men and women die for the meaning behind OUR National Anthem. I was never honored enough to serve in our armed forces, but have many friends/relatives who have; THANK YOU!

I heard something today about there being a possibility that OUR National Anthem will be sung in different languages on national-event stages. Therefore, the following are the top-five reasons why OUR National Anthem should remain unaltered, ENGLISH.

5. The National Anthem isn’t the International Anthem.

The land of the free and opportunity; why wouldn’t someone from another country take advantage? However, they’re coming to America; they’re not “coming home.”

“Oh say can you see/by the dawn’s early light . . . ”

C’mon.. THAT’S  America, only; that’s US!

4.Honor EVERYONE so we don’t leave anyone out! (said w/sarcasm, Sheldon)

To appease non-English speakers, the Anthem could be sung in French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Islamic, . . . ??? Where’s it end?

If that’s the case, the end zones of the Super Bowl, the batter’s box’s in the World Series, … or any other sporting event, should have every team of every league written on the ground. Wouldn’t want to honor JUST the game’s two representatives who are there through hard work, aka the American way…oops…maybe that should be changed to the World way?  (again, sarcasm, Sheldon)

3. Times change; it’s time to change that, too?


The National Anthem stands for freedom, bravery, character, independence, resiliency, integrity… Our service men and women protect those values, every day. They protect the same things that our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, … did. (Again, THANK YOU)

Now, some of you think we need to accommodate the foreign population by altering one of the most recognizable things in American culture. What next? just disregard the flag after the anthem.

Melting pot, my ass. THIS is America!

I, for one, am not ready to say b/c of the influx of immigrants and changing society, we should sacrifice even more of OUR values and customs at HOME.

2.The Anthem distinguishes us Americans.

I don’t have a problem with singing THEIR Anthem for a particular player represented in the game or an entire team, i.e. hockey; that’s totally cool. BUT, as long as we’re on American soil, let’s take ever chance to recognize that we are here, “The land of the free and the home of the brave;”  there’s ONLY one.

Every time we hear the Anthem, we stand, salute, or put our hands-on-hearts. We’re honoring OUR military and OUR country and OUR forefathers; just as we’re honoring OUR Anthem.


You can spray paint a dog turd any color and pepper it with glitter, but it’s still a turd. Likewise, you can sing the Anthem in any language you want, it’s still OUR Anthem.

That’s what some will say, “Aw, it’s still your anthem.”

However, as an American, don’t you feel pride that it’s OUR Anthem?  It shouldn’t be sung in any language other than what it stands for, what our Troops stand for. We’re the land of the free and home of the brave . . . not home of the accommodating!

If the Anthem is not important, what next, United States colors turn Green, Yellow, and Orange?    

We’re unique, and we’re Americans!


AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Sidda Lee Rain 1/31/14

It damn sure ain’t your mama’s romance books.

In fact, it’s not even close! Sidda Lee Rain’s work is about strong, independent, take-no-sh*t women . . . and their amazing alpha men—far from mama’s secretly-stashed reads.

“I want readers realizing that reality is romantic, and everyday fairytales are just as freeing as the cheesy sh*t in some of your mom’s romance novels,” Rain, a proud Minnesotian, said.” I’m not against those; hell, that’s where I began reading. I’m just saying open your minds. The days of women hiding their sexual beings are over. One-handed reading is here, and that’s one of the best compliments you can give an erotic author.”


Rain was pretty blunt and to the point in most aspects during our interview. However, as she even said, herself, mix in a little “Cuervo” and she would have been even more forthcoming; a statement indicative of her hilarious personality.

Rain is a country girl through-and-through. As a child, she envisioned herself owning horses and boarding stables as an adult. Even though the graduate from the University of Mankato’s Technical College for E.M.T.s didn’t follow her childhood dreams, she still works with . . .  horses . . . and cowboys . . . sort of.

Today, Rain writes what she likes to call Modern Day Western Erotic Romance. It’s a genre she invented simply because, quite frankly, nothing else fit her wants and desires. Judging by her amazing reviews and ratings on, the best-selling author isn’t alone.

“I adore romance but wasn’t finding MY kind of romance,” said the woman insanely loyal to her Minnesota Vikings. “I like it less corny, less sweet. Crank up the reality and make mine extra dirty while you’re at it. Those kind of books were hard to come by–outside of the full-on bdsm, which wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted hard-working, blue-collar men who loved the land, their animals and their women, not necessarily in that order.”

In her first year of writing Modern Day Western Erotic books Ms. Rain has already reached the top-ten book-selling position with Quick on the Trigger. The extremely modest author was surprised when she noticed that the book had cracked the top-100, launching her into the esteemed category. Then, a friend called and notified her that the novel had rocketed to #26. The next morning, Sidda looked on in shock and excitement as the book had climbed to #3.

Numbers are great, but Rain gets the most satisfaction knowing that she touched a reader. To her, that feeling is worth more than the price of any book.

“Because of a leading lady in one of my books and her acceptance with herself, they (readers) are now embracing themselves, imperfections and all,” Rain said is the most flattering compliment she receives. “There’s honestly too much self hate, especially among women, so to hear that I may have had a tiny hand in that . . . bet your a** I’ll take it.”

Expressive and no-holds-barred may best sum up her writing.

“My books have warnings on them, so if you don’t like the explicit sex–yes there’s a lot and yes, its my foul mouth—that’s your issue, not mine. I’m a broad who happens to like filthy sex and I adore the word f*ck like no other, but you’ve been warned.”

Eventually, the Facebook-o-holic has plans to step outside of erotic romance. A journey which began as just one book has evolved into more because of the tremendous success; like McDonalds, readers are lovin’ it. In the future, she plans to write in other genres under a pen name, but it looks like the true erotic-romance side of Sidda Lee Rain is here to stay for a while, at least.

That news will make many readers happy. After all, the fiesty red head’s work is nothing like their mamas used to hide . . . errrr read!

Sidda Lee Rain’s books can be found on in paperback or eBook.

A)  Denim Series Book 1) Quick on the Trigger 2) Steel Horse Cowboy

B)   B) Crooked E Ranch Series Book 1) Sweet as Candy 2) Pure as Snow

C)   C) Game Time Series with Blue Stour 1) Stranded at Third

               Coming soon

Dirty Denim #3, Roping Him In

Crooked E-Ranch #3, Sexy as Sin

Game Time Series #2, Kept on Ice

Sidda Lee Rain can be contacted easily. Reach her at the following:


Twitter: @Siddaleerain


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…AuthorChat…Blue’s 9-1-1 BREAKING NEWS….

It’s high-time to end the Batman shenanigans.

First and foremost, I have nothing but love for the talented Sidda Lee Rain, as an author, a co-author, a friend, and my tag-team partner. Writing book #1, “Stranded at Third”–the first book in the Game Time Series–was challenging and rewarding. Now, we’re gradually kicking out book #2, “Kept on Ice.” However, that tag-team partnership in and out of the fictitious ring is where I am forced to draw the line.I do not want to involve the Gotham PD, so I’m hoping to settle this dispute in F.C. (Facebook Court) Should she persist on telling the loyal citizens of Facebook that she is, in fact, Batman, the Gotham PD WILL be paying a visit to the negative 80+ windchills of her soul…I mean home. OOPS. Basically, this whole mess could be considered identity theft, slander, or flat-out Minneeesota Steelin’. (What the hell would Hayden Fox think, Sidda?)


Top-10 Reasons Blue Stour is the REAL Batman, and Sidda Lee Rain is Robin

 10. it’s BatMAN, not BatWOMAN

9. Blue ALWAYS wears the ears.

8. By stereotype ALONE, Sidda is a woman, meaning Blue, a.k.a. Batman, ALWAYS drives.

7. Batman has a huge IQ (Need I say more?)

6. Batman modestly doesn’t want to be Batman 24/7. Likewise, Blue doesn’t want to be Blue 24/7. Conversely, Sidda longs to be Batman, ALWAYS. A little Robin-treatment has goneth to her head me thinketh.

5. Batman is able to separate emotion from life. (Name one woman who can do that?)

4. Batman likes to play with his toys . . . ok, ya got me on that one, Robin, eerrr Sidda.

3. Batman is warm on the inside and cold on the outside . . . Sidda’s opposite. SSSHHHHHHHH

2. Batman is quick-witted when it comes to expressions like, “Holy Bat Shit”

1. BatMAN, NOT BatWOMAN; enough said!

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Along w/THE Sidda Lee Rain, Blue is ½ of the erotic romance tag team champions of the WORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! :

AuthorChat . . . Another idea for AuthorChat…please comment????

What do you get when you can’t fall asleep, then wake up early, then nervously shower, and can’t stop thinking of only one thing?
Obviously, it’s book release day.
“Stranded at Third,” the first release in the Game Time Series–where sports and sex collide–was released early this morning. With the weather outside so nasty, what better time than NOW to pick up a book for uuummm $2.99 on

Heck, Blue’s always there for his friends, so I’ll even help you a little more; here’s a suggestion:

I’ll have another author interview on AuthorChat tomorrow. BUT, this gave me an idea. Would you like to read about books that are appearing, on their Debut Morning????