AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Atty Eve 3/13/14

If it weren’t for depression, Atty Eve may be a dancer on Broadway. Fortunately, she’s turned into a published author. Broadway’s loss is becoming literature’s gain.

“I could have been a star,” Eve said. “I got depressed and stopped taking my dance classes, though. I used to want to play BeBe Benson in A Chorus Line on Broadway.”


Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Eve went a route completely different than the author path she’s on, now. After high school, she joined the Air Force, becoming a weapons specialist. She even took to the air on more than one occasion in The Force. She flew upside down, in circles, and buzzed Panama Beach. However, it was when she straightened out that she found it hard to keep her cookies down.

When she actually decided to write, it was—oddly enough–a dream that inspired her.

“I had a dream,” the wife and mother of two boys with the exact same birthday, three years apart, said. “It was about a role-playing game, so as I was writing out the background instructions of the game, a novel came out.”

Today, Eve finds herself writing all genres under different names. However, Atty Eve strictly writes thrillers.

Thus far, she says the biggest compliment possible she has been paid was by a dedicated reader. The fan told her that she was so emotionally attached to Eve’s characters that two weeks after finishing the book, she had to read it, again.

The Colorado native wrote a young-adult series and signed with her first publisher; it was a big deal. She felt she was on her way, as an author.

Unfortunately, after the publisher suddenly died, Eve was distraught. Feeling as if she had crashed and burned, she even stopped writing for years.

It wasn’t until recently that she bounced back. My Beautiful Suicide is her first work, since.

Admittedly, she jumped off of the writing wagon when adversity struck. However, she couldn’t stay away; the fictitious characters wouldn’t let her. Eve offered her advice to new writers who may be struggling.

“Is it a hobby or a lifestyle?” the author who said Moses should be a more recognizable writer added. “If you’re a real writer then the voices in your head won’t shut up, and there is no ‘jumping off.’ Even if you do, they’ll drag you back in.”

They sure did her.

Back on track, the choir and chamber music lover talked about how much she invests in her craft these days. She prefers to write 6-8 hours per-day, unless she’s working; then, it drops to 1-2 hours, daily.

Without even knowing anything about Eve, the book cover for My Beautiful Suicide pulled me to her work; I had to learn more. Other readers are more-than welcome to learn, share, and—even—stalk Eve by the following methods:






Eve hopes her writing to leave an impression that readers can’t just walk away and forget. The minor league baseball fan strives for more comments like her favorite, mentioned earlier.

“I want them, weeks later, to have the thought, ‘I have to pray for someone because I’m worried about them.’ Then, they remember they were only thinking about my characters and get mad that they were so emotionally attached.”


AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Eve Rabi 3/1/14

Author Eve Rabi comes from The Land Down Under, “where women glow and men plunder.” Being one-of-seven children in her familyImage,

, the romance-writing South Africa-native wasn’t originally planning to be an author. One of her teachers even told her that she should be a TV reporter because she was such a confident speaker.  Another was at the opposite end of the spectrum, telling her if she kept “up this type of behavior you’ll be in jail, soon.”

Rabi veered away from both scenarios. The mother of two has definitely backed her claim that she is an all-out dreamer. It’s something in which she takes a lot of pride. Being a trained nurse and midwife, she left the field to pursue her . . . dream.

“Seriously, I’m a dreamer and whatever I’ve dreamed, I’ve achieved,” the outdoorsy, extreme sports lover said. “So these days I dream big; I’m not afraid to take chances and my strength is that I’m quite fearless–My weakness is also that I’m quite fearless. So, when I decided on a whim that I wanted to make a change, career-wise, I just did it. Writing has been my best career move, ever.”

Rabi told her husband, whom she is now divorcing, about a story that she read, which involved a U.S. soldier in the hands of Iraqi militants. The female soldier fell in love with one of her captors who eventually helped her escape. The two started a steamy affair, and she returned home with a big secret. The only problem was that the soldier was already married—to a U.S. Police Commissioner.

Rabi’s “soon-to-be ex” was extremely interested in the story and wanted to know more. She couldn’t believe that he was so interested in such a story.

Then, the dance-a-holic, who once taught Latin dancing, told him that it wasn’t a story plucked from the daily news, at all. In fact, it was an idea she had been toying with in hopes of writing the book. The very next day, he bought her a laptop and recording device, and he ordered her to write; hence, the author was born.

Rabi, who said she writes an average of four hours per-day, now, would wake up at 3:00 a.m. and write until 6:00 a.m. when she had to get the kids ready for school. She wrote everyday until her first book was published in 2012.  Since then, she’s published a staggering twenty-one books.

“It was hard being creative with two kids, a home and a business,” said the writer who claims to completely “give a rat’s *ss,” about negative comments, “but I now write full time. So I’m really grateful with the way my life turned out.”

To her, now, stopping the creative juices would be like not breathing. Writing has become something she has to do.

“Never once in my life did I feel like giving up on writing,” Rabi added. “Writing is my life. When I get up in the morning, I have to write for at least an hour or I feel like I haven’t had my morning coffee.”

Readers can learn more about Rabi and check out and her books the following ways:



Amazon page:

“I have two books I plan to release late-April/early-May,” the woman with a wide-ranging variety of 1,200 songs on her iPod said. ”I’m loving the stories and I have a sneaky feeling, my readers will love them, too.”

P.S.  Mrs. Rabi, I have to ask for all of us back in the States. Will you now tell us how to make a Vegemite Sandwich?


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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Lisa Paul 2/21/14

Sometimes, there are certain ways of speaking to sound professional. Then, there are other ways of speaking to just be you. Essentially, it’s kind-of like the informal/formal transformation.

The public records will show that Lisa Paul’s venture into a career of authoring was in her blood. After all, her grandmother was a published poet. Also, Nana had a complete manuscript that was never published. According to the granddaughter and mother of two, writing has always been her way of “purging, bleeding, breathing, dreaming, without judgment or fear.”

Then, there’s the other reason that Paul was sucked into the writing game; it sounds a lot more realistic, less climactic, and lifelike.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Paul was faced with the inevitable decision of choosing a major. Even though she would go on to earn a Bachelor’s of Social Work, she failed to realize that it was writing which influenced her decision.

“When it came time to declare a major, I was torn between psychology and social work,” the life-time Pennsylvanian said. “I ended up choosing social work because I loved writing papers and essays; all of the exams were written. In psych, they were multiple choice; I stink at multiple choice. I chose social work because I could write.”

Based on the two scenarios, if anyone asks, Paul became an author because it was in her blood. Incidentally, though, she did go on to earn her M.A. in Social Work, from Temple University.

Having learned that, Paul becoming an author shouldn’t be a surprise. Even as a child, she considered the option of being an author. In fact, she’ll admit that she’s written all of her life. In her youthful years, she had aspirations of one day being a few different things–all of which included her being in the spotlight–writing was still toward the top of that list.

“I wanted to be a famous singer, an actress, or a writer–but a famous writer like Danielle Steele,” the erotic roman author said. “I wanted people to know exactly who I was and want to be around me ALL THE TIME. . . . Now, as a mom, I covet the quiet time.”

Though she’s writing only one genre, she was quick to point out that she is not limiting herself in the future. In the meantime, she’s happily learning the ropes and not about to slow down.

“I’ve never thought of doing anything else, but getting exposure is and has been a complete nightmare for me; I can’t seem to figure it out,” said the author who began as strictly a blogger and book reviewer. “The reviews of both of my books are really, really good, even great. My advice to those who are thinking about jumping (off the Writing Wagon) is believe in yourself; YOU have to. If you don’t, no-one else will take you seriously.”

Thankfully, Paul spoke pretty passionately about her experience in writing book reviews. According to the huge Philadelphia Phillies fan (C’mon; it’s only because her dad was a Phillies die-hard or else I might not have been able to write the article (Blue humor; Blue humor)) she would never leave a negative review. If she didn’t care for a book, she’d simply email the author, explain the problems she felt it had, and post nothing. If she posted anything, it was a sincere appreciation. Under no circumstances would she leave the thing authors should loathe, the dreaded “fake review.”

“I can’t tell you how often I have purchased a book based on the 150 five-star reviews and been left to scratch my head wondering what the heck those people were thinking,” Paul said. “That being said, I see no reason for people to be so damn cruel in leaving nasty reviews either. I can’t tell you the hurtful and hateful things I have seen written in reviews; people can be truly horrible. Honestly, one can say, ‘I didn’t like this book’ or ‘This book needs editing,’ without demeaning the author and the author’s intellect.”

The dedicated book reviewer-turned-author now spends hours writing—or sometimes none. Paul admitted when it’s “flowing,” she can write about twelve hours, nonstop. However, there are other times when she can go for weeks without writing a word. Basically, the lyrics-girl who loves any type of music which possesses strong lyrics says that it just depends on when the mood strikes.

Her writing, thus far, has yielded two books in her Charistown Series. The first, Thursday Nights and the second, Storm Front, are available on The third in the series which will run at least four books long, Breaking to Breathe, is slated for a June, 2014, release.

Paul can be reached on the following sites:


Twitter: @Lisanpaul3


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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & G.E. Stills 2/18/14

Rarely does it happen that children actually become what they want to be when they reach adulthood. Even in the cases that do, many regret. Before becoming an author, G.E. Stills fulfilled his childhood ambition.  However, it wasn’t writing, nor was it what he had envisioned.

“I wanted to be a soldier. My dad was a war movie buff, so in my childhood I watched a lot of war movies,” the owner of a technical automotive degree said. “At that time, more of the movies had a WWII setting and I idolized the heroes. I became a soldier, but after two tours in Viet Nam and being told my next duty station would be in Shima, Alaska, I changed my mind about being a career soldier.”


Through the years, Stills, a lover of various types of music, has dabbled in writing but mostly for his own enjoyment. Family and career got in the way of writing for the thirty-year husband, father of two, and grandfather of two. However, in 2008, Stills starting writing with the intent of being published.

“I primarily write erotic romance books in the paranormal and science fiction genres,” Stills added. “I have also written contemporary, science fiction and paranormal stories that are non-erotic. All of my stories have a happily-ever-after ending.”

Now that Stills is full-steam ahead, there are nothing but happy endings in his future.

“Sometimes I get frustrated–most of us (authors) do–but the thought of not writing is terrible to contemplate,” said the writer who doesn’t set limits on writing each day because he just lets it flow. “I can’t picture my life without writing in it.  If it is in your blood you can’t quit. Write on.”

“Write on,” he has. His distinctive writing ability is displayed on his page. Readers can find his assortment of books on the following link: Addisitonally, there are several ways to contact or just check up on Stills.


Facebook, author:

Facebook, personal:


Following his flourishing author career, the Nebraska native wants readers to remember his work one way.

“(I want to be perceived) as an author who enjoyed creating worlds and characters for his readers,” the long-time New Mexico resident added. “My books are written for entertainment. I hope they’ve been able to dive into a world of adventure and enjoyment I’ve created.”

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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Kathleen Brooks

People become authors for several reasons. Some become professional writers because of an impression made by another author, an interest in reading, a tremendous story-telling ability, or just a passion for writing. Still others, from boredom?


Don’t you just hate it when that four-letter word, W-O-R-K, interferes with your daydream?

After graduating from the University of Kentucky’s School of Law, the NY Times & USA Today best-selling author became a lawyer and boredom ensued. The married mother of one daughter, . . . three dogs and a cat . . . was soon-after bitten by the writing bug.

“I was a lawyer; I wrote a lot of boring things,” the Southerner said when asked why she became a writer.  “I had always loved to create stories in my head, but legal briefs interrupted any time I thought about putting them on paper. Then I had this one really great story that just wouldn’t leave my head, but I erased it after one-third was completely on paper because it sounded like a legal brief.  I finally cleared my mind and just told my story. Once I turned it on, I couldn’t turn off the voices. I can’t imagine doing anything else now but writing.”

Just as she claimed her story-telling ideas leisurely took her from the real world, her mostly romantic and suspenseful writings, mixed with comedy, are doing the same for readers.

“I receive so many nice notes from my readers who are in pain or sick.” Brooks said. “They all claim the books give them a nice break.”

Bluegrass Series                                                Bluegrass Brothers Series

Bluegrass State of Mind                         Bluegrass Undercover
Risky Shot                                                   Rising Storm
Dead Heat                                                   Acquiring Trouble

Relentless Pursuit

Secrets Collide

Final Vow

The woman whose grandfather used to think she’d be the first female president says there’s nothing like being a writer. Many authors go through phases of, “This sucks; I’m getting a different ‘job!’” with their author role.

Not Brooks.

“Writing in my pajamas instead of writing legal arguments in an office is a dream job,” Brooks added with an obvious smile. “To steal from Happy Gilmore, you have to find your ‘happy place.’”

Brooks also mentioned her best way to get out of a writers-blocked scene. Instead of thinking on it all day, the author whose favorite author is Jane Austen because Austen’s books “paved the way for modern romance,” talks it out. . . . to anyone or anything.

“Even my dog will listen,” she added. “The point is to talk it out. Explain it. Don’t be afraid of the delete button, either!”

Brooks welcomes contact from readers. She can be reached several ways.




Twitter: @BluegrassBrooks


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