AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Lisa Paul 2/21/14

Sometimes, there are certain ways of speaking to sound professional. Then, there are other ways of speaking to just be you. Essentially, it’s kind-of like the informal/formal transformation.

The public records will show that Lisa Paul’s venture into a career of authoring was in her blood. After all, her grandmother was a published poet. Also, Nana had a complete manuscript that was never published. According to the granddaughter and mother of two, writing has always been her way of “purging, bleeding, breathing, dreaming, without judgment or fear.”

Then, there’s the other reason that Paul was sucked into the writing game; it sounds a lot more realistic, less climactic, and lifelike.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Paul was faced with the inevitable decision of choosing a major. Even though she would go on to earn a Bachelor’s of Social Work, she failed to realize that it was writing which influenced her decision.

“When it came time to declare a major, I was torn between psychology and social work,” the life-time Pennsylvanian said. “I ended up choosing social work because I loved writing papers and essays; all of the exams were written. In psych, they were multiple choice; I stink at multiple choice. I chose social work because I could write.”

Based on the two scenarios, if anyone asks, Paul became an author because it was in her blood. Incidentally, though, she did go on to earn her M.A. in Social Work, from Temple University.

Having learned that, Paul becoming an author shouldn’t be a surprise. Even as a child, she considered the option of being an author. In fact, she’ll admit that she’s written all of her life. In her youthful years, she had aspirations of one day being a few different things–all of which included her being in the spotlight–writing was still toward the top of that list.

“I wanted to be a famous singer, an actress, or a writer–but a famous writer like Danielle Steele,” the erotic roman author said. “I wanted people to know exactly who I was and want to be around me ALL THE TIME. . . . Now, as a mom, I covet the quiet time.”

Though she’s writing only one genre, she was quick to point out that she is not limiting herself in the future. In the meantime, she’s happily learning the ropes and not about to slow down.

“I’ve never thought of doing anything else, but getting exposure is and has been a complete nightmare for me; I can’t seem to figure it out,” said the author who began as strictly a blogger and book reviewer. “The reviews of both of my books are really, really good, even great. My advice to those who are thinking about jumping (off the Writing Wagon) is believe in yourself; YOU have to. If you don’t, no-one else will take you seriously.”

Thankfully, Paul spoke pretty passionately about her experience in writing book reviews. According to the huge Philadelphia Phillies fan (C’mon; it’s only because her dad was a Phillies die-hard or else I might not have been able to write the article (Blue humor; Blue humor)) she would never leave a negative review. If she didn’t care for a book, she’d simply email the author, explain the problems she felt it had, and post nothing. If she posted anything, it was a sincere appreciation. Under no circumstances would she leave the thing authors should loathe, the dreaded “fake review.”

“I can’t tell you how often I have purchased a book based on the 150 five-star reviews and been left to scratch my head wondering what the heck those people were thinking,” Paul said. “That being said, I see no reason for people to be so damn cruel in leaving nasty reviews either. I can’t tell you the hurtful and hateful things I have seen written in reviews; people can be truly horrible. Honestly, one can say, ‘I didn’t like this book’ or ‘This book needs editing,’ without demeaning the author and the author’s intellect.”

The dedicated book reviewer-turned-author now spends hours writing—or sometimes none. Paul admitted when it’s “flowing,” she can write about twelve hours, nonstop. However, there are other times when she can go for weeks without writing a word. Basically, the lyrics-girl who loves any type of music which possesses strong lyrics says that it just depends on when the mood strikes.

Her writing, thus far, has yielded two books in her Charistown Series. The first, Thursday Nights and the second, Storm Front, are available on The third in the series which will run at least four books long, Breaking to Breathe, is slated for a June, 2014, release.

Paul can be reached on the following sites:


Twitter: @Lisanpaul3


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AuthorChat with Blue Stour & Danielle Taylor

Growing up, Danielle Taylor wanted to travel to many places. Mostly, the self-labeled shy-one wanted to be out and be free.

Three countries later, she’s experienced a lot of culture. Heck, she even spent a a month in Ibiza–which is located in Spain’s Balearic Islands for the non-Jeopordy readers. Now, only one thing can be said about her childhood goal.


Having lived in various spots on the continent, Taylor is currently expecting her third child with her very outgoing, South African husband. Online, though, she’s as interactive as M is. In fact, in front of a screen she’s not forced into conversation. That’s something her husband, “the night to my day,” has no trouble doing.

“Where I’m mostly conservative, he’s outspoken and will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, while I hide in the corner,” Taylor said. “Online, no one can see me hyperventilating or doing a weird silent seal clapping laugh.”

Going by her outgoing writing style, the rugby fan is exaggerating a bit. Obviously, the British lass has no trouble expressing herself in books. Falling for You came out today and Captive at Christmas was released last month.  Also, she’s in the final editing stage of a novel, Letting Go. The book will be the first in her Adventures, Inc. Series. Taylor is extremely excited about that novel because it combines her passions: South Africans, travel, and romance.

Furthermore, the writer of romance in all genres plans to author a Young Adult work. Watch for the work under her alter ego, Ellie Carstens.

But wait; there’s more. Apparently, the expectant mother has been writing every chance she has had since she first picked up a pen. Unfortunately, lately, those times have been spread thin.

It was recently discussed on AuthorChat how many different reasons there are, in fact, for a writer to become an author. Taylor simply says that it was a natural process for her.

“I picked up a pen and paper one day,” the oft-traveled writer said about her writing journey which she hopes will never end, “and the rest is history.”

When asked how she wanted to be remembered as an author, Taylor responded with “No idea.” However, the well-traveled writer went on to add some perfect information readers need to hear.

AC danielle taylor

“ I suppose I’d like to think they open their minds to what is out there in the rest of the world. It’s all well and good to sit back in your own country and be patriotic and all. It’s so exciting to be learning about new places and people, though. I want them to think, ‘Huh? I didn’t know that about Mongolia,’ or ‘That’s pretty cool about Norway,’ or ‘South Africa is beautiful.’ Not just places but people, too. That man who walked past you this morning, well, his daughter might be lying in a hospital bed with leukemia and you scowled at him because he accidentally stepped on your foot. Or, that woman who brushed past you on the subway–the one you flipped off–might be rushing to get to her second job which she needs to keep her house and two kids since her husband left.”

In addition to passionately expressing that she would never tire of being a writer, Taylor reiterated that she would always write, ”even if I get nowhere with it; I love it.”

She also offered some heartfelt advice for struggling authors about her “release.”

“Keep at it. Read and write and read and write. Find your style. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you might find that’s your thing.”

Danielle can usually be reached on Facebook at

and Twitter, @DTaylor_Author .


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